Sunday, 22 July 2012

Raincloud brooch, tentacle earrings, Death Star necklace, and skeleton lady cameo necklaces

Hey! I made a quite a lot of jewellery yesterday; I seem to go through phases of making things and recently I've just been like "EVERYTHING can be a brooch/necklace/earring". Anyway, here are some kinda dark photos (it's so cloudy here today!).

This raincloud brooch is for the Harry Potter Craft-a-long; the challenge was to create something inspired by water. 

The cloud and raindrops are made from Sculpy, painted with spray paint, and then attached to tiger tail (jewellery wire) with Amazing Goop. Honestly, this glue is like my new favourite thing. It takes a while to dry but after that, the things glued will never move again. Well, I hope anyway ~_^ The badge back was also attached with the Goop.

These earrings are also for the Craft-a-long, for a craft with a symbolic meaning. Apparently sailors used to carry octopus medallains for good luck and to ward off evil. I don't know if it works with just the tentacles, but I mainly like them because they look cool so that's ok ^_^

The tentacles are also made from Sculpy and spray paint. They look pretty spiffy and shiny, which I like ^_^

The Astronomy challenge for the Craft-a-long was to make something inspired by the moon, sun, or stars. I went with the moon, and a slightly edited version of the phrase that features in René Magritte's famous pipe painting.

On the other side is the Death Star ~_^
This necklace is also made from Sculpey. I hope with all this practice my clay modelling skills will improve! ^_^

And lastly, I made these pendants just by gluing cameos onto bevels. Easy peasy! I really like how they turned out ^_^

How was your weekend?

- Lisa x


Tanya said...

your earrings are the coolest! They look like spiral chillis to me.

Also the cameos are freaking sweet as!

Lisa said...

Ha ha, now that you've said that, I can totally see them being chillies! ^_^

Kathleen said...

Okay, I love all of these. Especially the cloud brooch (and oh gosh, the Magritte Death Star, genius).

Lisa said...

Thanks Kathleen! ^_^

BEESTLYproducts said...

i love that little raincloud <3

Lisa said...

Thanks Robbie! I'm wearing it today at work, which is making my day a little happier ^_^