Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Phases of the moon necklace

Hello! So, just recently, Cat from Cut Out + Keep asked me if I'd like to be one of their DIY Fashionistas and, after squealing a bit at the computer, I said yes! I decided to go for a casual witch inspired look and I embellished a thrifted felt hat to tie in with my outfit. You can see some dorky photos of me trying to be a model, plus an interview, *plus* the full tutorial on making the hat over on Cut Out + Keep. However, if you want to know more about the moon phases necklace that I also made for the shoot, then you've come to the right place! ^____^

This necklace is really easy to make, and surprisingly light; considering that it looks quite chunky! To make it, you will need black polymer clay, silver acrylic paint, a paintbrush, a thick needle, tiger tail (or other jewellery wire), a clasp, clear and white seed beads, and two jewellery crimps.

To start off, I conditioned the polymer clay until it was soft, and then rolled it into seven balls of the same size. I then gently squashed them to make thick circles and pushed the needle through them to make them into beads.

After I baked them, I used the silver paint to make each circle bead represent a moon phase. I did this freehand, but taping off the areas you wanted to keep black would probably work out neater.

I let the moon beads dry, and then threaded them onto tiger tail, about 48cm long. Then I added seed beads to each side of the moon beads, and finished it off by bending the tiger tail around each side of the clasp components and fastening with a crimp.

One of my favourite things about this necklace is how the seed beads look; the size, shape, and transparency of the beads varies I think the subtle variety gives it extra sparkle ^___^

I feel like if I was a real witch, I would charm the beads on this necklace to actually cycle through the moon phases but, alas, I am not. So this shall have to do! ^___^

I'm still working on my amigurumi, so I shall show you that next week. And, after that: roller derby crafts! Huzzah! We are offically halfway through this cycle now and I've got my fingers crossed that I might be ready for assessments in just six short weeks - eek! I'm sure crafting some pretty things will help me relax ~___^
- Lisa xx


Amy said...

What a great post! I really like your necklace, too ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Lisa said...

Thanks Amy! It was such a fun outfit to put together and the necklace is one of my current faves now ^____^

Kate said...

I've been thinking about making moon phase crafts for a while now and am not sure why I never thought of making a necklace! Looks like I will have to follow your craftiness and make my own version! Too cool!

Lisa said...

Yay! You really should, Kate! I have seen so many fun moon phase crafts lately, and now that I've made this necklace I want to do more! Watch this space ~____^