Tuesday, 16 June 2015

GIVEAWAY: blue and pink heart beanie

Hello! I finished the hat I was knitting for myself but I also hit a rather major snag ... it's way too tiny for me! >___<

Oh dear! I'm really not sure what I did wrong here; I was very diligent about following the pattern correctly and I even measured my needles to make sure I had the right size. I think this is an advantage of crochet - you can pause halfway through to wrap it around the appropriate body part to ensure sizing is right! But, what's done is done and now I have a lovely knitted hat that I cannot wear. 

However, I'm still quite pleased with how it turned out. My tensioning was good, I really like how the colourwork looks, and for my first real shot at colourwork I think I even did an ok job on the floats!

I really love the combination of the turquoise and variegated pink yarns and I used a lovely soft acrylic yarn which was a pleasure to knit with. The variegated hearts turned out so well - I simply adore them! I really love how each one is a little different ^___^

Another fun element of the pattern is this super long ribbed section which you can fold up or leave out if you like a really slouchy beanie! It's four inches of ribbing in total, which seems like tons when you're knitting it! But I do really like the look.

All the best hats have pom-poms on them (this is a scientific fact, I'm sure) but I couldn't decide what colour my pom-pom should be - so I went for all of them! ^____^ I think it really helps tie the whole beanie together.

Now, since I can't wear this hat, I'm going to give it away to someone who can! It should fit someone with a head circumference of about 41cm (or 16 inches) and it is about 15cm (6 inches) tall which is quite tiny so if you, or someone you know, are expecting a baby soon, comment below with your favourite baby name by the 30th of June to win! Please make sure your comment includes some way for me to know your email address so I can get it contact with you ^___^

Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions on how to remake this hat so it actually fits me, I wouldn't mind hearing from you either! ~____^

- Lisa xx


Unknown said...

Spud has a little head and this would look so cute on him! :)

Also, I'm happy to help you resize it and have a look at your tension etc.

My favourite baby name is his! My second favourite I can't reveal since we may use it in the future. :P

Lisa said...

It would be simply adorable on him, Molly! And I would really appreciate your opinion on resizing the pattern, because I really still want to make one in my size! ^____^

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, my son is Caleb 6yo. I like the name Gracia.
My cousin just had twin girls. I love your beanie. I love your blog. Katrinabeattie04@gmail.com

Lisa said...

Thanks for your comment Katrina! Gracia is a beautiful name, and Caleb is lovely too! ^____^