Sunday, 2 April 2017

Blast from the past: Witchy Constellation Hat

Hello! I was looking for something in my blog archive recently when I realised I hadn't posted it here! Since I think it is time to have all my posts on my blog, I am bringing some of the posts I posted exclusively to other craft sites home ^___^ So, here's the first blast from the past: a constellation embroidered felt hat!

To make this, you will need a black felt hat, some silver metallic thread, a needle, and a pair of scissors. I also needed some black cotton thread because I thrifted my hat and some of the brim needed to be restitched. You could also look up a star map to choose your favourite constellations!

Thread your needle with one strand of metallic thread (there are usually six strands in one length of embroidery floss) and knot the end. Stitch stars by making a cross and then adding an additional diagonal line through the centre of the cross.

Use a large running stitch to connect stars to make a constellation and add some extra stars around the constellations to fill in any empty spaces.

Keep going until your hat is covered in stars! I also thrifted this cute little black dress with lace sleeves and thought that together (plus my moon phases necklace!) they make a cute witchy style outfit! 

- Lisa xx

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