Monday, 24 October 2011

How to survive ZOMBIES! Free poster!

Hi! How are you? 

I made this instructional poster in case of zombie invasion. Would you like one? You can! 
I hope you like it ... and that it isn't *too useful* ~___^ Click on the image below to download the poster from my Google Drive! ^___^

- Lisa x


Tanya said...

I've always thought that I would be one of the first to die in a zombie invasion. I'm just not one of those last to survive, kick ass fighting types!

Cute poster :D

Lisa said...

Me too Omlair - I'm pretty sure in any kind of apocalypse situation I would be very useless. Still, I'm glad you like the poster!

Sara said...

This is a great idea, I love it, and having just watched Shaun of the Dead on DVD last weekend, very appropriate.

Lisa said...

I *love* Shaun of the Dead! That movie is just wonderful ^_^ I'm glad you like the poster too!