Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pirate themed teapot and mug set and a Hermione Granger brooch

Hello! Gosh, it feels like I've been gone a long time! There has been a virus going around here and between that and work, I haven't had much time for craft or blogging ; _ ; But, it's the weekend now and I have a crafternoon today so I am pretty excited about doing some crochet and sewing!

Anyway, here is some of the craft (and thifting!) that I haven't shared with you yet! ^_^

I used my porcelain pens to give this plain teapot and mug set a bit more interest ^_^ It's now pirate and tea themed! The teapot features a teacup skull and cross-spoon-bones ~_^

This mug shows a tropical island where a chest of precious tea might be found! 

The other mug has a little mermaid ... who appears to be swimming through a group of teabags. Honestly, my brain is very strange sometimes!

And this is the back of the set! ^_^ This was a super easy craft as all I did was paint and then bake. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out though ^_^

This second craft is even easier! I used some of the fabric I had designed on Spoonflower to make a little Hermione brooch ^_^ I simply cut out Hermione and a felt backing to match, sewed around them right-sides together, turned right way out and stuffed, then sewed up the rest and added a badge backing. She's pretty cute, huh? ^_^ I'm going to wear her to work on Monday!

The book and pillowcase are results of my last thifting trip. Isn't that mustard paisley fabric awesome? I don't know what I'm going to make out of it, but I'm looking forward to finding the perfect project ^_^ The green blanket is not finished yet, but it's getting there! I am really excited about this project and I'll be sharing the pattern with when it's done ^_^

Next up, the rest of the Month of Craft Photos challenge!

- Lisa x


Kate said...

Ah! Those are all so awesome! I love the quirky tea pirate touches on the tea set and your Hermione brooch is fabulous! I totally want to order something from spoon flower now :)

Tanya said...

love the tea set! sooo cute!

Lisa said...

Thanks Kate! ^_^ I can really recommend Spoonflower - the printed fabric is so crisp and lovely, and they have great customer service as well!

Lisa said...

Thanks Omlair! ^_^