Saturday, 5 May 2012

An upcycled spice rack, Jawa plushie, and Death Star biscuits

Hey! I have had *such* a busy week! 

The fundraiser that I was organising for work finally happened yesterday; it was International Star Wars Day and so, of course, the fundraiser was Star Wars themed. We had two teams, Jedi and Sith, competing in activities to raise points and donations. I haven't counted all the donations properly yet, but from our inital calculations, I think we raised about $500! Yes! We're going to donate it all to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, which is a super great cause so I'm glad we're able to help out by dressing up, having afternoon teas, and challenging people to impromtu battles ~_^ The Jedi team won and the Sith team spent the entire day stealing things from people and then losing quite spectacularly. Seems apt!

Anyway, here's some other stuff I've been doing ...

I finished re-doing this spice rack that I ... found. On the curb. Yep, I'm all class, all the time. ~_^

It was in pretty dodgy condition, but after some sanding, painting, distressing, fixing (the bottom shelf was separated from the main body), and hanging-ability-adding (gosh, I have a great command of the English language!) I think it turned out quite well. I used blackboard paint and just used chalk to write on the text. I may upgrade to paint one day ... but this way I can easily change it should I wish to in the future. It's hard to see in the photos, but the rack has had some light sanding done after painting, which gives it a subtle vintage look.

You can see here that the middle holdy bit (oh, again with the words and the speaking ...) is broken, which is probably why it was chucked out in the first place. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. I was thinking attaching some kind of container to hold cinnamon sticks or something, with the same kind of technique as this ... but I'm really not sure yet. If you've got any suggestions I'd love to hear them! Also, I think I'm going to have to spruce up the little jars that hold the spices and herbs now ... maybe little blackboard labels for them also? What do you think? ^_^

I took some better (read: not using my phone) photos of the Jawa plushie I made for Scott; aren't the glowing eyes cool? ^_^

I used this tutorial and I highly recommend it! This was my first time sewing with conductive thread and it was a lot of fun ^_^ I want to do some more electrical sewing soon!

I couldn't find any brown jersey for the Jawa's cloak, so I used brown felt instead. I think it turned out well though! Also, this project is from my Pinterest board which means I have earned this badge that I just now made ...

Yes! Giving awards to oneself is totally a normal and awesome thing to do ~_^

Now, this is not something I did, but something I recieved. Bec found these *amazing* jars at an op-shop and she brought them for me! Squee! ^_^

I love them so much! I have a jar in my craft room which is just like these, but the bottom is brown and the flowers are yellow. I wonder if there are more colourways in these awesome vintage jar sets? That would be so cool ^_^ This set is also destined for my craft room, but I'm not sure what I will store in them yet ...

And lastly, I made Death Star biscuits for International Star Wars Day ^_^ I used the vanilla, cinnamon, and golden syrup biscuit recipe that I posted a couple of posts ago and some black writing icing. They turned out pretty well, I think. Next time, I think I will use a chocolate biscuit recipe though, to fit in more with the Death Star's colours. Or, can one purchase grey food colouring? That would be great for these!

And that's it for me today! I'll see you again soon ^_^

- Lisa x


Sara said...

Hey Lisa

The spice rack looks great and I love the pinterest badge!

Hope you have a great week.

Lisa said...

Thanks Sara! I hope your week is great too ^_^

Annie said...

Hi Lisa

How about tying some ribbon around cinnamon sticks and attaching them that way? You could also try hanging some bay leaves (I could bring you some).

I love the death star biscuits (wish I could eat one right now actually) :)

You can get grey rainbow dust if that helps:

Lisa said...

Wow, that rainbow dust is cool! I'd never heard of that before.

I like the idea for hanging cinnamon sticks with ribbon ... I'll have to give it a go!

And maybe next time we catch up we can swap bay leave for biscuits ~_^

Rebecca said...

Wow, your Jawa plush is brilliant, I love his creepy laser eyes so much!
Also congrats on the Star Wars fundraiser; go Jedi, Light-side for life biatches!

Lisa said...

Thanks Bec ^_^ His eyes *are* a bit creepy ... but I like how in the second photo he is doing this 0_o Ha ha!

P.S. Dark Side will triumph next year! ~_^