Sunday, 8 July 2012

Space Invader cross stitch brooch and Wesley Crusher's sweater inspired hat

Hey! Have you had a good weekend? Mine has been really good! Pip and I went shopping yesterday for craft supplies which was super fun, and today I finally got around to taking photos of some of my finished projects ^_^ Time for show and tell!

I cross-stitched this Space Invader brooch. I'm really happy with how it turned out! I used black aida cloth (which I finally found in Bunbury, of all places!) and hot pink thread. I've been really into pink lately, which is very strange because I think my last pink phase was when I was about six ~_^ I used a self-cover button to make this, and then glued a badge pin on to make it a brooch.

I've been playing around with my digital SRL (which I finally got working again) and I am in love with the super macro feature. Isn't it cool? ^_^

Next up, I made a beanie for the 100 Beanie Drive, taking inspiration from Wesley Crusher's awesome striped jumper (see above)! But, I think I made a bit of a mistake ... I thought the third stripe was green, but then someone told me it's actually blue >_< Urgh! Is there such thing as blue/ green colour blindness? I get those two colours mixed up constantly!

But, I think it's a pretty nice looking hat anyway, so I guess it's all ok ^_^ I made it with 100% wool, and I really hope it's soft enough!

I've got a couple more projects that are this close to being finished, so hopefully I'll have more photos to share with you soon!

Lisa x


Rebecca said...

Way to go, can't believe you finished your Wesley hat already!
I agree that stripe DOES look green in the picture.
Also... "WHEATON!!!"

Lisa said...

Hey, we agree on a colour! Yay! ~_^
It was a pretty fast project, except for the ribbing which took ages. Still, a series of Sherlock was enough to have it almost complete ^_^

Tanya said...

Looks green to me. Or a really dark shade of teal, which is blue green!

Love the pin!

Lisa said...

Thanks Omlair! ^_^ With your option it now seems we have a current consensus that the third stripe is green - yay! ^_^