Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sew On & Sew Forth art canvas

Ahoy! Did you have a great End of Year Period of Togetherness? I really enjoyed ours! Scott and I spent one entire day eating breakfast food (yum! ^_^) and then the next day seeing Scott's family and playing with our little neice and nephew at his grandma's house. I have learnt many things about building block towers and playing peek-a-book and also that singing Soft Kitty to babies actually makes them happy o_0

And then yesterday I got out my scrapbooking supplies and a 5" canvas and made this!

Yay! I'm really happy with how it turned out ^_^

Here are some close-ups of my favourite parts ...

Finally a use for the tiny scissors that come with sewing kits and yet are unable to cut a single thing!

I made these tiny spools when I was making things for the craft fair; they are about half the size of the spools I used for the necklaces.

This vintage lady is so awesome ^_^

I love 3D stickers and washi tape ^_^

Here's another vintage lady!

Now, here's a list of some of the things I used (I can't remember where I got everything unfortunately):

Wooden dress form made by Kaisercraft
5" square canvas from Riot
Alphabet stamps from William Topp, Northbridge
Mod Podge (you can't see this but I used it to stick down the papers and also as a varnish) from Spotlight
Thickers (spelling out "Sew On") by Amy Tangerine
Colourful border paper (used on sides and bottom of front) by Amy Tangerine
Vintage ladies paper by Grace Tyler
Pink pattern pieces paper by Crate Paper
Mini spools from Spotlight (stained, aged, and thread added by me)
Baker's Twine from Spotlight
Chip board ampersand (covered in washi tape) from stash
Craft paper from Spotlight
Washi tape from various places that I mostly can't remember - sorry!
Mini scissors from stash

Do you like it? Did you have an awesome holiday season? ^_^

- Lisa x


Flora and Paws said...


Your canvas looks great and really colourful. I love the tiny spools, so cute.

Lisa said...

Thanks Sara! I love the mini spools too - I can definitely see more crafts involving them in my future! ^_^

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa.
I met you tonight at my work and managed to remember your blog name :)
I found something lurking in the back room after you left and now seeing you blog I realise that It was for a reason.
Its a sale book about embroidery!

Im in the store tomorrow until 4 so hopefully you see this before then and swing by so I can dig it out for you!


Unknown said...

(btw...its $5!)

Lisa said...

Thanks Cie! I really like the book ^_^