Monday, 23 June 2014

Lumpy Space Princess Cosplay

Hello! Today I can finally show you my finished LSP cosplay! Yay! I had so much fun wearing this costume, and a couple of people asked for photos and hugs which feels like the best kind of validation ~___^

Here's the whole costume - as one guy at the con described it "whoa, that's a lot of purple!". Yes, good sir, it is! ^___^ I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect purple dress to wear, but in the end decided that it would be easier to just make one. I apparently forget how difficult dress-making fairly regularly! ~___^ I'm lucky enough to have Rebecca as a friend as she not only made the pattern for the bodice, let me borrow her sewing machine, and held my hand through making this dress, but also sewed in the center back zip for me (I am awful at zips!). She is an absolute champion and I have my fingers crossed that she will blog about her amazing Marcelline costume soon (hint hint, nudge nudge ~___^). You've already seen my shoes, my belt was from my Hipster Wonder Woman costume, and my tights were purchased from a department store.

I ordered my wig from an ebay store, and I am so so happy with it. It's really beautiful and soft, and is really comfortable to wear! I'm quite tempted to buy a few other colours, I'm sure they'd come in handy ~___^

The star is a hairclip made from felt and glittery mod podge, with a clip glued to the back. The mod podge is great because it also makes the felt a bit stiffer, which means it doesn't feel like it's flopping all over your head ~___^

My necklace is made from shrinky-dinks and nail polish. I was inspired by Tatty Devine necklaces when I was planning this one; I'm happy with how this turned out, but I'm still considering buying a 'real' one ...

I originally coloured in my shrinky dinks with Sharpies, but I wasn't really happy with the intensity of the colours. However, going over them with glittery nail polish made them look brighter, shinier, and most importantly, sparkly! ~___^

I think that having a bag is a highly important part of cosplay, and I was a little worried that people wouldn't know who I was meant to be (although this didn't actually turn out to be an issue!) so I decided to make myself an LSP handbag. 

I used the same pattern that I used to make my LSP plushie, but I printed it out on A3 paper instead of A4 to make it a more generous bag size. I found the most amazing purple glittery vinyl at Spotlight and just knew this had to be the fabric I used - it's just so pretty! ^___^

Since my sewing machine is still broken, I hand stitched the bag together and used a lot of hot glue for most everything else ~___^ LSP's face is made from leather scraps glued onto the vinyl; I painted some black leather with gold paint and glitter mod podge (I'm getting a lot of use out of that tub!) for her star and her face is the same black leather unpainted.

Her arms are hot glued together as well, mostly because I'm a bit lazy and a little bit because I thought having no stitches would look nicer. 

The chain straps are connected to the bag via some very large metal rings and these little loops of vinyl that are sewed in between the two layers of the bag. I used a metre of chain for the strap and it's a great length.

The zip is also hot glued in and is mostly hidden by the flaps on the back of the bag. I used a vintage zip that I had in my stash which means that it sticks a little sometimes, but it was also free so I don't mind too much ~___^

Of course the best thing about cons is the merch, right? ~___^ I really love to pick up handmade things so Artist's Alley is my favourite area ^___^ I got this amazing watercolour illustration of Wonder Woman and also some button badges of Adventure Time characters and Catbug by Nic Lawson. ^___^ I also brought some wonderful hair bows and some more button badges, but unfortunately I didn't think to write down the store names so I don't actually remember who made them! >___<

I also got this Jubly-Umph tin necklace of an anatomical heart; I could have honestly brought so many of their pieces! 

And I lined up for a stupid amount of time so that I could meet John Barrowman - yay! It wasn't so bad because I made friends with some lovely people in the line around me, and he was very nice when I finally did get to the front of the line ^___^

I wish I could have met Ming-Na Wen as well, and there were a couple of panels that I wanted to go to that I couldn't; next year I'm definitely going for both days! ^___^

- Lisa xx


Unknown said...

I love your cosplay! LSP is probably my favourite Adventure Time character.

The bag is amazing! Like, store quality. You could sell those :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Fiona! It's so hard to choose a favourite Adventure Time character, but LSP is definitely high on my list too! ^___^

Pops de Milk said...

Everything is perfect. Cannot get over how cute the bag is. Nicely done :)

Lisa said...

Thank you Pops de Milk! I love the bag too, it's going to be getting a lot of use! ^____^