Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Eat Your Greens embroidery hoop

Hello! I am so glad to have finished this embroidery, because honestly I've had so much trouble with it! Not with the pattern, which is a lovely one from Urban Threads, but with actually stitching it up ...

I started off stitching on a floral piece of fabric, but the thin lines were almost impossible to see, even when you were close up, so I started fill stitching everything. However, fill stitches take approximately a million years to do (hyperbole, me? Never! ~___^) and I still wasn't loving how it was looking so I stuffed it into my WIP box and tried again!

This time I used a darker, less busy piece of green fabric for the background, and decided to stitch everything in white. I used to do redwork when I was a kid, and this project kind of reminded me of that. Except, you know, in white. ^___^. The fabric was too dark for me to transfer the pattern using a lightbox, so instead I printed it onto tracing paper and stitched through the paper. This technique is not perfect, and there are definitely some wobbly areas, but it is a lot easier than attempting to eyeball it! I do still want to get some water soluable transfer paper to try, but my local craft store doesn't seem to have what I need so I'll have to keep searching.

I think that the hoop this piece is in right now is a touch large, so I'll be sizing that down before I finish off the back, but otherwise this is another completed project. Yay! I've been picking up some relief shifts at work so I'm not doing quite as much crafting as I had hoped for my break, but I'm glad I've been able to *finally* call this design done!

I used almost all back-stitch for this project; big surprise, huh? ~___^ I did work in a little lazy daisy chain on the asparagus though, and the petal lines on the pansies are just large running stitches. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, and I really like how the white thread looks against the geometric print on the background fabric. I've got some more colours of this same design, so I'll definitely be using them for more hoops further down the track ^___^

And that's that! Huzzah! This project is a present for Bec, so I really hope she likes it ^___^. And now it's time for a new project - I'm thinking something crocheted this time.

- Lisa xx


Crissy said...

Omg that one first one looks so complicated on that fabric XD My eyes would hurt and give up.

Second one looks AWESOME. The white looks great on that print!!

Lisa said...

Thanks Crissy! The first fabric choice was definitely a bad one; sometimes it's best just to start over! ^___^