Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Spool knitted beehive

Hello! Do you ever get an idea to make something and then you just *have* to make it, and *right now* if at all possible?

That's what happened to me with this tiny beehive.

I was a bit like "ooh, but I should be doing things on my list!" but I figure it's a bit like chocolate. If you *really, really, really* want a bit of chocolate, but keep saying no, no, no, eventually you will want chocolate so much that you might just explode. Or eat two really large blocks instead of the couple of squares that could have sufficed in the first place. Hmm, I'm not sure how this worked as a metaphor for crafting. Anyway, moving on, I made a beehive!

I think it is quite cute, even if it does have a touch of the primary school fete around it. Hey, what am I saying? I *love* school fetes! ~_^ 

It was very easy to make; I made a long tube with my spool-knitter, used hot glue to position it in a kinda hive-like shape (you could probably sew as well, but I wanted this to be NINJA QUICK), and then got out the hot glue again to add the little felt door and, of course, some bees.
I made the bees buy cutting out an oval shaped piece of mustard coloured felt, then adding stripes with black felt, and wings with white.

This beehive is about seven cm tall and it is hollow in the inside. I think it would make a perfect cover for a hard-boiled egg, only Scott and I don't eat hard-boiled eggs and don't even own an egg-cup so I couldn't even fake a photo!

Maybe it can be a couture hat for one of my Blythe dolls (though, due to the large size of their heads, it would probably look more like a fascinater)?

What do you think it could/ should be?

I hope you have a great day!

- Lisa x


Kate said...

I love it! I think it would be a cute tea cozy (if it were tea pot sized).

Lisa said...

Tea pot sized would be pretty awesome! I expect you would need a LOT of spool knitting ^_^

Unknown said...

omigosh! i love it!!!

Lisa said...

^_^ Thanks Robbie!