Monday, 16 January 2012

Going somewhere, Solo?

Hello, everyone! Today is Scott's and my wedding anniversary - we've been married for two years, and together for seven and a half! Wowzers ^_^

As you probably know by now, Scott is a BIG fan of Star Wars, and I have a whole mess of wee little stitches patterns which are too wonderful to *not* stitch up, so I made Scott this Han Solo cross-stitch ^_^

It was pretty quick to stitch up, I worked on it over a couple of days, but if you had enough dedication, I bet you could whip this out in a day. I can highly recommend wee little stitches - the pattern for Han Solo was really easy to follow and they provide a handy thread colour guide too! Han Solo is from the Star Wars - A New Hope pattern and the letters were stitched without a pattern (which was a terrible idea and involved lots of unpicking, and I will never, ever do it again >_<).

Anyway, it turned out well, it fit the frame wonderfully, and Scott really likes it! Yay!
So now, I need more ideas of Star Wars crafts to make for Scott; any suggestions?

- Lisa x


Sara said...

Hi Lisa

I like your Han Solo. I have just started cross stitch and in my quest to find some inspiration, I came across these that you might like:

These mini figures are fab and soooo cute!

And this website has kits you can buy. I want to get the I Need Tea one for my friend but the Star Wars ones look good too.

Hope they are useful for you.

Lisa said...

Super cool! Thanks for the links Sara ^_^ I really like the cross-stitch Storm Trooper with the red background ... but those amigurumi are just *too cute*! And there's enough of them to keep me busy for quite a while too ^_^ Thanks again!

BEESTLYproducts said...

i saw some star wars terrariums not too long ago. they were super cute :)

Lisa said...

Ooo, I like that idea! We have plenty of action figures we could put in terrariums ^_^