Sunday, 15 January 2012

Thrifted china

Hello! Yesterday I drove down to my home town to see my parents, my Pop, and to go to the markets ^_^ I had a really great day! And I have some lovely new china to share with you ^_^

This teacup and matching plate and saucer are decorated with lily of the valley and doesn't match at all with ...

... these very '70s flowers. I love them both though! ^_^

I didn't yet have a little milk jug, so I'm really pleased with this one! Also, I love the green ^_^

And these three rose dishes will be perfect for serving sweet treats at my next tea party ^_^

I hope you had a nice weekend too!
- Lisa x


Unknown said...

that second one is just perfect!

Lisa said...

It's pretty special ^_^ I saw some placemats at the op-shop which would match it perfectly but didn't buy them at the time ... I think the odds of them still being there are pretty low unfortunately!