Monday, 13 May 2013

Instgram Photo Canvases

It is very cold and cloudy here. It's kinda nice because I can wear layers and stockings (which I love!) and use all my crochet blankets, but it kinda sucks for taking photos. First world blogger problems, right? ~_^

Anyway, here's what I made as Mother's Day gifts ^_^ I'm only showing you the ones I made for my Nana Alma and Scott's Nana Mary though because our mums wanted photos of us and I figure you get enough photos of my face on here without taking photos of photos of my face ~_^

I made these using some photos I had taken using Instagram, and they were both quick and easy to make. My favourite kind of craft ^_^

(And also the images have more definition in real life. I blame the clouds for this. I don't know how, but somehow it was them ~_^)

I resized my photos to 6 inches square, and then printed them off onto light card. Then, I cut them out, making them just an teeny bit smaller than exactly 6x6. That way, when I glued them onto my 6x6 inch canvas, the card wasn't larger than the front of the canvas. 

When the glue was dry, I used a sponge brush to paint the sides of the canvas. I also painted on the front a bit, to make a messy kinda border.

I think maybe if I try this again (which I probably will as I tend to buy cheap canvases in bulk) I will mod-podge the whole thing as that tends to make the image a little darker and the colours slightly more vibrant, which I like ^_^

Possibly if I really like how it looks, I will secretly bring mod-podge next time I go visiting and sneakily paint the canvases that I assume will be hanging in pride of place in my mother's/nana's/mother-in-law's/nana-in-law's home. ~_^

Did you have a nice Mother's Day? Are you addicted to Instragram? Are you procrastinating on your university assignments?

That last one may be just me ... ~_^

- Lisa x


Tanya said...

oh i thought they were coasters for a second! Very pretty indeed!

lol @ stealth modge podging!!

Lisa said...

I can see how you'd get that impression! Maybe I need to start including something for size reference? I've got a cute Wonder Woman action figure that would probably work ... ~_^