Sunday, 26 May 2013

Girls just wanna have crafts

Hello! I have something to show you ^_^

Now, I have no idea why it's insisting on being side-ways (>_<) but *anyway* this is proof that I finally learnt how to follow a charted crochet pattern. Huzzah! As you can tell (hopefully), it's the Wonder Woman logo. Since WW is awesome and nerdy it was perfect to enter as my first project for the Summer Nerd Games ^_^

Once I was done with the charted section, I added on a few plain rows so that I could make it into a case for my iPad. Now I can take it to uni without worrying about it getting scratched up in my handbag ^_^

I've got a couple more projects planned, but I haven't made much progress on them as today Bec, Catherine, and I went to the Quilt and Craft Fair ^_^

I didn't make many photos, but I had to share with you these awesome Weasley-esque tea cozies - aren't they great? ^_^

We also saw some great quilts but since my phone isn't great for really wide shots, I stayed up close and personal ~_^

I love the colours on this one ...

... we suspect this one is made from clothing off-cuts (clever *and* thrifty!) ...

... and this one was a great mix of all kinds of vintage fabrics! ^_^

And, of course, I picked up a couple of things for myself as well ^_^

Six new washi tapes (nooo, I don't have a problem; why do you ask?), a cute vintage sewing machine brooch, a maneki-neko fabric badge, a book on needle-felting, and a heap of business card sized pictures. I got ten different vintage ladies in one set, and the other two sets are steam-punk style illustrations. There were really too many to photograph all of them though, so I just included three of my favourites ^_^

I can't wait to start creating with my new things! Any suggestions on what I should make? ^_^
What did you do this weekend? I hope you had fun!

- Lisa x


Flora and Paws said...

I love your Wonder Woman crochet. I used to love watching her adventures.

Great shopping bits too. The little sewing machine brooch is super cute and washi tape is very addictive. he he.

Tanya said...

oh agree the quilt using clothing cut offs is so clever! I love quilts, though I can't imagine ever adding that too my craft list, you need to be way to precice!

LOVE the brooch.

I smiled when I saw that washi! you need help!

Lisa said...

Thanks Sara! I agree with you on the washi tape - it should come with addiction warnings! ~_^

Lisa said...

I love to admire quilts, but I don't think it'll ever become my main hobby - I am not a precise person! ~_^

P.S. You know of any washi-tape rehab centres?