Saturday, 4 May 2013

Baneling plushie

Today is Scott's birthday and, unlike other years, this time he actually told me what he wanted! o_0 He was looking through some StarCraft forums when he saw a picture of a plushie baneling - since Zerg is his favourite team to play *and* a pattern was available, it was really a no-brainer!

The pattern is very good - I can recommend buying it, especially if you're like me and don't really have a head for making soft toys. My brain just kinda shorts out when it's trying to figure how to make things 3D. There was a slight issue with a claw pattern, as the purple shape didn't really fit onto the brown shape, but since it was bigger, it was easy enough to cut down to the correct size.

It was also pretty quick to make - I started Friday night after dinner, and finished it off this morning. The basic shapes were sewn using my machine, and then I handstitched the shapes together and the purple detail that covers up the neck joins and the facial details.

Awww, look at that face! Who could resist making this little fella?

I'm now hoping that the same designer will make patterns available for some of the other Zerg units - since Scott owns pretty much everything that could possibly be related to Star Wars now, it might be good to start on a new geekdom!

And, just for fun, here's the baneling wearing a fancy hat. Spiffing!

We haven't decided on a name yet; Scott wants something simple like Bob or Squishy where I fancy the more, let's say, eleborate names like Balthazar McBlastybutt. The pattern's name is Mr. Doomsfield. What do you think, any name suggestions for the newest member of our family?

- Lisa x


Flora and Paws said...

Ha I love it Lisa. He looks super with his hat on too!

Lisa said...

Thanks Sara! I really enjoy the hat - it's been wearing it constantly since the photo shoot, so I guess he likes it too ~_^

Rebecca said...

Perhaps you could combine your name suggestions; 'Squishy McBlastybutt', *giggles childishly*

He looks most dapper, Lisa, with or without classy hat - nice work!

Tanya said...

my lord i just gogoled baneling and they look terrifying. yours is too adorobz though!

Lisa said...

*joins in the giggling* I love that name! Thanks Bec ^_^

Lisa said...

Yes, they are nowhere near as cute in-game! I'm glad you like this one though! ^_^