Saturday, 7 September 2013

Shrinky dink and felt brooches

Hello! I've been meaning to make a few new brooches for a while, as since I've been doing Novelty Brooch Friday on Instragram, I've been going through my collection at a rapid rate! I *may* have gone slightly overboard today though ... Really I just wanted to procrastinate on my homework for a bit longer! ~__^

First up is this little black poodle! It's the twin to the one I made for Pip a while ago, and I finally got around to finishing it off. It's made from shrinky dinks and turned out quite well. It does have a little lump on its chest area - I have difficulty getting shrinky drinks perfectly flat! Is there a trick to it? Or it is just luck?

Anyway, I think I'd like to make some other puppies as well. I'd love a little dachshund brooch! ^__^

I have a slightly weird love for ampersands. I can't explain it, I just think they're great ^__^

 I've wanted some puncuation jewellery for ages, so I'm really pleased with this! Like the poodle, this ampersand is also made from shrinky dinks ^__^ I think an interrobang will have to be on the to do list next ...

 This brooch is made from some of the leftover flowers from my Frida Kahlo head band. It turned out better than I thought it would! ^__^

 All I did to make this was glue the flowers onto a circle of green felt. I added a few little leaves to balance out all the warm colours and to fill up a couple of gaps ^__^

Anything anatomical is always my favourite, and I've wanted a heart brooch for ages ^__^

I used white shrink dinks for this brooch; the white sheets I have are slightly transparent when unbaked so I placed my reference image underneath and traced it. I'm not very good at drawing freehand, so that made it a lot easier! ^__^

I used the white shrinky dinks for this one too (I feel like I've written "shrinky dinks" in this post so much that it's beginning to lose meaning ...)

I used coloured permanent markers to colour this a semi geometric pattern. Up close, you can see what an awful colour-in-ier I am. If you look at that previous sentence up close, you can also see how badly I butcher the english language ~__^

It looks fine from a distance though! ^__^

Another ampersand, another shrinky dink project! Are you sensing a theme here?

I left this one plain as I don't have many white badges, and neutrals always come in handy ^__^

Lastly, these two purple flowers became two cute little brooches with the addition of some leaves. I was tempted to make these into earrings, but they really are a bit too large for that. But having two the same means that I am able to wear them as sweater clips should I wish to ^__^

And that's it! Omg, right? ^__^

Now, I best go and actually do some homework! Oh, who am I kidding ... I'm going to go and finish knitting my hat for the Foxy KAL! ~__^

- Lisa x


Sara said...

What a lovely collection Lisa. The flowers are so cheery and colourful. Your heart brooch is pretty cool too!

Lisa said...

Thanks Sara! The flowers make me happy too! ^__^

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

ah, i love the flowers here! i would love to make some of these myself!

lindsey louise

Lisa said...

Thanks Lindsey Louise! They are very easy to make, all you need is some scraps of felt and a hot glue gun ^__^ I'd recommend giving it a go! ^__^