Sunday, 1 September 2013

Peace out, bitches! Charlie Bradbury inspired hoop

Hello! Guess what? I'm on study break! Yaaayyyyy! ^__^ I actually *do* have to spend the week studying (my tutors this semester are very keen on homework and assignments) but I have had a lovely relaxing weekend. And I have a craft to show you!

This hoop is inspired by Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural (played by the ever-awesome Felicia Day).

Charlie is a cosplaying, LARPing, computer hacking genius who regularly makes nerdy references. Seriously, how could you *not* love her?

Charlie's combo of "peace out" and the Vulcan Salute has become one of her most famous quotes, and I simply *had* to make it! ^__^

I used a bright red vintage embroidery hoop and some blue and white polka-dot fabric. I probably *shouldn't* have used white thread, because over the polka-dots, the stitching is a bit hard to see.

I struggle with embroidered text, so I am so, so happy with how this font turned out! Normally I trace the pattern onto my fabric using a transfer pen, but this fabric was too dark for that method. So, I cut out the segment of the pattern with the words, pinned it onto the fabric, and then stitched directly over the printed letters. After I'd stitched the phrase, I ripped and pulled the paper out from between the stitches. It wasn't that hard because the stitching perforates the paper, but next time I would use a thinner paper. I used regular printer paper this time, and I was worried about pulling up the stitches.

I made a little pattern for you to use as well! Click on the image to go to Google Drive, where you can download the .pdf ^__^

Now I'm off to work ... and after that I'll be casting on the Foxy KAL that Tanya and I are organising! It starts today, and I am so excited! ^__^ We'd love to have you join us!

Live Long and Prosper!

Lisa x


Alexandria Brady said...

This is so awesome! I about died when they made the episode showing her little Hermione!

Tanya said...

oh i am still on season one of supernatural! I really need to be getting a move on!

lovely hoop, as usual.

2paw said...

I have only watched the first season of Supernatural, but I am going to catch up soon. Is Charlie out of 24??? Love your embroidery!! I traced text onto tissue paper and then embroidered through it onto black felt. Your stitches look so neat!!

Lisa said...

I know, right?! I love it when other shows make reference to HP - *especially* when they note how awesome Hermione is! ^__^

Lisa said...

Ooooh, you've got a few seasons to go! Charlie doesn't turn up until Season 7 ... but I'm sure you'll enjoy getting there! ^__^

Lisa said...

I don't think she is on 24, but Felicia Day *has* been on a *lot* of things! ^__^ Tissue paper would be perfect for this technique! I'd love to see your finished project! ^__^

2paw said...

Here's the embroidery I did on a quiet book.

Becca said...

This turned out awesome! I love that you did your embroidery on a printed fabric.

Ladyface Blog

Lisa said...

What an awesome project!!

Lisa said...

Thanks Becca! I'm glad you liked it! ^__^