Monday, 16 September 2013

Mathmatical! Free Princess Bubblegum embroidery pattern

Hello! Do you go through phases where you listen to the same songs over and over and OVER again? I do, and I'm sure it's highly annoying for Scott ~__^ After I've become obsessed with a song, then I always tend to want to craft something inspired by it (further evidence of this can be seen here and here ^__^)

Anyway, lately I've been listening to SO MUCH Marina and The Diamonds. It's funny because I wasn't obsessed with her music when I first heard it on the radio, but a week or so ago I was on a YouTube exploration and listened to "Bubblegum Bitch" and then the obsession started.

So, rather than finish any of my WIPs or actually take proper photos of any of my finished projects, I decided to make up this embroidery pattern, featuring the highly magnificent Princess Bubblegum ^__^ 

Click on the picture above to go and get the .pdf. Yay! ^__^

Now .. should I go and finish WIPs or start a new project inspired by Marina's "Radioactive" song? ~__^

- Lisa xx


Little Red Emo Hood said...

Ah this is amazing! I defo need to add it to my to make list! x

Lisa said...

Thanks! ^__^ I'd love to see your version if you do make it!