Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hoop exchange: Witchcraft and Catbug

Hello! This week Rebecca and I finished hoops for each other! Yay! ^___^

This is the hoop I made for Rebecca; the pattern is Witchcraft by Urban Threads. And, um, she does have limbs! They are a lot easier to see in real life! ^___^

I've long admired the works of Lucky Jackson, so, inspired by her, I embroidered the design onto calico, but then appliqued it (using Heat n' Bond) to a piece of patterned fabric.

Here are some of my favourite bits! The spider web is made from chain stitched DMC - I used a teeny tiny hook (I don't know the exact size, unfortunately!) and a single strand of embroidery thread. I didn't stitch the whole thing down, just where the strands intersect and also on the middle of the curved strands to make them, well, curved! ^___^ I like that it gives the piece a more 3D look, and also I learnt how hard it is to crochet that small! ^___^

Also, instead of stitching her choker, I used a short length of chain. I like the look it gives the hoop! ^___^

The kitty is actually probably my favourite of the whole thing. She's just so cute! ^___^ I made her face more detailed than the original pattern; I gave her a little mouth and some whiskers and I did the eyes a little differently ^___^

 I used metallic thread for the pins in the pincushion, as well as the witch's crochet hook. It's not the easiest thread to work with, but it does give a nice effect.


The original pattern has her knitting, but since I was crocheting the spiderweb, I thought a hook would be more appropriate. I also made her left-handed, because Bec is a leftie too! ^___^

Now, the hoop that Bec gave me!  

It's Catbug!! ^___^

Oh my gosh, isn't he ADORABLE? I absolutely love everything about this hoop, it's just perfect! ^___^

Look at those perfect stitches, and that cute little face! Eeek! I hope Bec likes her hoop as much as I like mine! ^___^

Here are the hoops together, for size comparison ^___^
And that's that! I've still got another hoop for Rebecca on the go, hopefully I'll finish it soon! It's basically all fill stitches so it's taking agesssss .... Good thing she's patient! ~___^

Are you making anything for anyone at the moment? I love giving crafty presents, do you? ^___^ 

- Lisa xx


Little Red Emo Hood said...

You're mum said to say that I could have...just one peanutbutter square, but not till after they cooled down!

I love Catbug so much. So cute! Very lucky missy!

Becca said...

Oooh, these are so cute! I love that you guys traded hoops!

Becca | Ladyface Blog

Lisa said...

Thanks ladies! ^___^ I am very lucky indeed! Having awesome crafty friends to swap with is super fun! ^___^