Saturday, 27 April 2013

Princess Leia embroidery hoop trio and crafts for International Star Wars Day

OMG - did you realise that it's only a week until International Star Wars Day? Excitement! I *am* going to post on that weekend too, but I thought I would show you this project (and a couple others I prepared earlier) today, so you could make your own in time for May 4th, should you wish to ^_^

As you know, I've been working on my hoop wall lately - so I made this Princess Leia embroidery hoop trio to add to my collection ^_^ Yay!

If you would like to make one, this is what you'll need:

6 inch embroidery hoop
2 x 3 inch embroidery hoops
2 small black buttons
A scrap of red felt
Some calico
Some brown cotton fabric
Black, brown, and red cotton thread
Fabric scissors

To make this hoop trio, I first stretched the brown fabric over both the 3-inch hoops. Then, I folded the remainder of the brown fabric in half and cut Princess Leia's hair part. I used a fat flat of the brown material, and I still have quite a lot left. I placed the hair part fabric onto the calico, and then inserted that into the 6-inch hoop.

I used brown thread to sew the fabrics together. As you can see, the brown fabric frayed a little. If you don't want that look, you could hem the fabric before putting it in the hoop, or use glue or fraystop. I like how the fraying looks, I think it gives it more of a "hair" feel. ^_^

Then, sew on the button eyes with the black thread and cut out a heart shape from the red felt. The heart will be Leia's mouth, so sew that down with red thread.

And that's it! Yay! Now you can hang her on your wall ^_^

And if you're looking for more Star Wars inspired crafts to make for next week, I've added links to some of my other projects below ^_^

Or try out a project from one of these clever people!



I hope you have a super fun International Star Wars Day! Are you going to make anything or celebrate in a special way? Let me know!

May the Force be with You!

- Lisa x


Raynor said...

Lisa! Those Leia hoops are totes the cuteness!

Lisa said...

Thanks Raynor! I totes enjoyed making her too ^_^

Rebecca said...

Your Leia hoop set is such a brilliant idea - I love it!
And of course, i've always been jealous of your Leia beanie, too adorable.
May the fourth be with everyone!

Lisa said...

Thanks Bec! Maybe when you've finished your crochet rug, you could learn to make a beanie? It is probably easier than a giant floor rug anyway! ^_^