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Hello! I'm Lisa ^____^ I'm a twenty-something sociologist/anthropologist/almost librarian from Perth Australia, with a passion for craft and an aversion to having idle hands! I love to crochet, embroider, and sew, and I also dabble in papercrafts, sculpting, painting, needle-felting, jewellery making, baking, and knitting. I love to try new crafts, and I have a room full of supplies which can attest to that!

Aside from crafting, I also love reading, op-shopping, and roller skating. My reading tastes are pretty predictable; I'm drawn to fantasy and sci-fi and since I work in a library, my coffee table is usually piled high with new novels and comics!

Often after I've read a great book from the library, I keep an eye out hoping to find it while op-shopping. I should possibly stop doing this, as all my bookshelves are very full now! I just adore wandering around op-shops; a lot of my home furnishings and clothes are thrifted and I love the thrill of the hunt! ~___^ I collect vintage Pyrex, retro Tupperware, and pretty old china, but I also find typewriters and old cameras very difficult to resist!

I'd always admired my mum's retro skates, but grew up a rollerblader. I put them away as a teenager and didn't look back. Until, three months after seeing my first ever roller derby bout, I bit the bullet and brought a pair of quad skates. I'm currently Level 2 with WA Roller Derby and learning so much! It's scary, painful, and totally exhilarating.

In 2010, I married my high-school sweetheart, Scott. Scott loves Star Wars, video games, and Warhammer and we both love Welcome to Night Vale, Adventure Time, and zombies - so these things often feature in my crafts!

Another regular guest on my blog is my bestie, Rebecca. Bec is an extremely talented seamstress who often patiently helps me with dressmaking, is always up for a cosplay brainstorming session, and enables my desire to discuss Harry Potter regularly and in depth ~____^

My projects have been included in Crafter's Best of 2013 and 2014 lists, and featured on Frankie Magazine's blog, Mr X Stitch, Geek Crafts, and Our Nerd Home. I love doing guest posts and collaborations and have co-organised three Crochet/Knit-a-longs with Tanya of Tanya Today for which I designed crochet geometric mitts, a retro-style pineapple teacosy, and a fox shaped hat.

If you've got questions, suggestions, or even just want to say hi, you can email me at  lisa.teaandcraft@gmail.com ^____^

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Dom said...

I love the star wars stuff. Do you have a store?