Saturday, 27 April 2013

Princess Leia embroidery hoop trio and crafts for International Star Wars Day

OMG - did you realise that it's only a week until International Star Wars Day? Excitement! I *am* going to post on that weekend too, but I thought I would show you this project (and a couple others I prepared earlier) today, so you could make your own in time for May 4th, should you wish to ^_^

As you know, I've been working on my hoop wall lately - so I made this Princess Leia embroidery hoop trio to add to my collection ^_^ Yay!

If you would like to make one, this is what you'll need:

6 inch embroidery hoop
2 x 3 inch embroidery hoops
2 small black buttons
A scrap of red felt
Some calico
Some brown cotton fabric
Black, brown, and red cotton thread
Fabric scissors

To make this hoop trio, I first stretched the brown fabric over both the 3-inch hoops. Then, I folded the remainder of the brown fabric in half and cut Princess Leia's hair part. I used a fat flat of the brown material, and I still have quite a lot left. I placed the hair part fabric onto the calico, and then inserted that into the 6-inch hoop.

I used brown thread to sew the fabrics together. As you can see, the brown fabric frayed a little. If you don't want that look, you could hem the fabric before putting it in the hoop, or use glue or fraystop. I like how the fraying looks, I think it gives it more of a "hair" feel. ^_^

Then, sew on the button eyes with the black thread and cut out a heart shape from the red felt. The heart will be Leia's mouth, so sew that down with red thread.

And that's it! Yay! Now you can hang her on your wall ^_^

And if you're looking for more Star Wars inspired crafts to make for next week, I've added links to some of my other projects below ^_^

Or try out a project from one of these clever people!



I hope you have a super fun International Star Wars Day! Are you going to make anything or celebrate in a special way? Let me know!

May the Force be with You!

- Lisa x

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Op-shopping Overload

The title of this post is kinda misleading, because it implies that there is such as thing as too much op-shopping - which obviously not possible ~_^

Bec and I went on a relatively spontaneous road-trip yesterday for which we had three aims;
1. Get to our parents' houses' for dinner
2. Find a specific print of fabric for Pip
3. Op-shop our little hearts out.

We didn't have any luck on the fabric front (yet!) - sorry Pip - but we did achieve the other two things. Yay! We also managed to turn a two-hour drive to our home town into a six-and-a-half-hour drive o_0

I am usually not very good at finding second-hand clothes, but I managed to find three dresses yesterday - huzzah! This retro blue and white dress was made in Australia, which I thought was pretty cool ^_^ It's a bit big, so I'm going to take it in, raise the waist, and maybe replace the buttons. The shoes in this picture are genuine old lady shoes ~_^ I have to wear orthodic shoes and inserts because my feet are all kindas of messed up which means I have to pay waaayyy too much for shoes. It also means that I'll never be a fashion blogger ~_^ Anyway, I got these pretty shoes for $3 - a saving of approximately $197 o_0 They are a little scuffed, but I think after a clean they will be as good as new. ^_^

This dress is pretty new, and I just need to bring the sweetheart necklace up a bit - I think maybe the black mesh has stretched a little, so it's overall a bit low. I love the pretty pattern, and the black tulle underneath the skirt ^_^

Not a great photo of this dress - it's a black, strapless, and possibly silk. I couldn't find any tags on it, and the zip is broken, but it was only $5 so I'm going to take it in and add an exposed metal zipper which I think will look really cool ^_^

I also picked up a little bit of china - I was really rather restrained considering Bec and I saw a *lot* of very nice china sets. However, my collection is mostly mis-matched so I thought I'd continue on with that ^_^ The saucer is Paragon, the tea cup is Queen Anne, and they were both made in England.

I also got this cute little puppy teacup, which doesn't fit my fancy china collection, but it was too sweet to leave behind ^_^ I don't know the brand for this one, but it was made in Australia.

I finally found a cute set of vintage kitchen scales (for $1!), and I also picked up five balls of natural alpaca wool (I only photographed three though, because the balls are quite large and they took up too much of the photo!), and a tiny old jar with press studs in it. I think it's a baby food jar and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, or the studs, but as it was also $1, I figured it was worth taking it home and finding out ^_^

I was really lucky yesterday with finding pretty vintage dishes ^_^ This one is pyrex, according to the mark on the base, but I don't know what the design is called or the manufacturer.

  This one with the cute strawberry design is pyrex too, and was made in Australia by Agee.

 I am not sure if this Nestle's dish is pyrex, although it does look like it. It has pretty little white flowers on it, and I really love the light blue colour ^_^

This is how this "set" came, but they are not actually meant to be together. The base is by Fire King and made in the USA while the lid is by Agee and made in Australia. Still, they go together relatively well, and maybe if I find more pyrex dishes, I can start matching up lids and bases properly ^_^

These two pieces also came together - but I'm not sure if they are both lids, both bases, or one of each! I *do* know that the green piece is more pyrex from Agee and the clear one is pyrex which was made in England.

Ok. Here is my favourite find of the day. Possibly the year. A Fujica 35 Automagic and a Six-20 Kodak (Model B)! Bec and I found this tiny antiques store which had no staff in it and most things were pretty overpriced. We found the owner in a cafe, two stores down, and I asked him about the cameras - as they didn't have a priced marked. I thought they were going to be way out of my price range but he said I could have both for $40. This was my face:

It was kinda hard to keep my "oh, well I guess that's a good price, *maybe* I'll buy them" face on, because over the guy's shoulder, I could see Rebecca doing this:

That's her "you fool! Buy them! Buy then NOW. Why aren't you buying them?!" face.

So, I paid the nice man, grabbed the cameras, and then Rebecca and I got out of there before he changed his mind. As soon as we were out of view of the window, we started doing this:

I don't know very much about vintage cameras, but after doing a little research on the internerds, it seems that I did indeed get a pretty good deal, especially on the Fujica ^_^

The Fujica is in it's original case, and actually has film in it too! It appears to be in good condition, nothing sticking or broken, and I am going to try it out later this weekend.

It can be removed from this leather case, but I like how it looks like this too ^_^

The other camera, the Kodak, I think is broken ; _ ;

It is meant to open to the left, with the lens then folding out, but I think it's stuck. I didn't want to pull it too hard, in case I really did ruin it, though so I'm going to try and take it to someone who knows about vintage cameras. Any suggestions, WA peeps?

Even if it is broken, it is still nice so I don't consider this too much of a failure ^_^

 I also picked up some novels (not shown), this Typo coffee cup (for $1), and my parents gave me this blanket which was my Nana Tess's. It has a couple of holes in it, so I'll have to research how to fix them up. I like the colours though (it's another one of her stash blankets) and it is very cosy.

And that's it! Wow! ^_^
I had so much fun and definitely want to do this again!

Do you op-shop? Do you have a favourite find? 

- Lisa x

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Perler bead brooches

So, um, are perler beads awesome or what?! I somehow missed out on using these awesome little things as a child but since they are now everywhere (definition of everywhere: even IKEA sells them) I figured it was time to give them a go! I actually had a massive stash of perler beads but had only used them for my constellation embroidery ... so I went back to basics and made some cute little brooches ^_^

There are heaps of patterns for perler beads on the internet, but since they work with a grid pattern, you can also use cross-stitch patterns ^_^ I wanted this project to be really mindless (so I could forget about my assignments for a while!) so I used lots of cross-stitch patterns as my guides, and I've included links underneath each picture.

First up: a cute fox! I wore this to uni the other day with my black polka-dot dress, a mustard yellow drapey jacket, and my black mary-janes ^_^

I added a grey border to this bee so that the legs and antenna would stay on, but if I had had clear beads I would have used those instead. Are clear perler beads even a thing? I've never seen them. But if they don't exist, then they totally should.

I never actually owned a gameboy but I did own one of those generic ones that came with like twenty games pre-loaded and I played Tetris on that thing until it died. Tetris rocks.

Another confession: I am terrible at Super Mario. I am pretty awful at most platform games. But I still insist on playing it, dying regularly, and not contributing anything when Scott and I do two-player mode. I love getting the fire flowers and the flying hats - they are the best things ever ^_^

This flamingo is not a brooch because it is much too large - even for me! ~_^ I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Scott suggested a notebook cover ^_^

This is now my second Space Invader brooch. I think I need to keep making more until I can reenact a game on my cardigan ~_^

Bow ties are cool! I added a badge back to this one so I can wear it like an actual bow tie, but I want to add a hair clip too, to make it more versatile ^_^

 I don't think my diamond turned out all that well, perhaps I need to make it bigger so it can have more detail?

Pip was making perler bead creations with me and we made five or six of these little medals all together, so I'm not sure who made this one. We're both pretty talented, so it really could be either ~_^

This particular badge is going to be worn on International Star Wars Day. Can you tell what it is? It's meant to be a lightsaber bent into a heart shape ^_^ I know that the hilt of a lightsaber doesn't really look like that, but just having a line didn't really look right, you know? Plus I kinda like how it looks like an "i" so it's like the brooch is saying "i heart lightsabers" ^_^

And I have been doing one other thing as well - I went through my ENORMOUS stack of Real Living magazines, tore out the pictures I wanted, and started filling up a big art journal with them (plus some silly captains and drawings) ^_^ I don't normally like to take pages out of my magazines, but the pile I had was really getting waayyy too big. This way I'll have more room for other craft supplies too ~_^

What have you been making? I love to hear from you! ^_^

- Lisa x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Pom-poms headband, cross stitched rose brooch, and a mermaid scarf

Hello! Do you ever end up with weird sentences due to autocorrect? I do, and that's how this first project came to be! I made a note in my phone to make a pom-pom garland but then when I looked at my notes the next day I had *actually* written pom-pom headband. At first I was just going to change it back, but then I thought how cool a pom-pom headband could actually be!

So I made this one! Yay! ^_^

If you'd like to make your own, they are very easy to create! Here's what I did:

1. Make three big pom-poms and two smaller pom-poms. I used Moda Vera Shiver yarn, the same pink that I used for my chunky winter hat, and some black that I had in my stash.

2. Make a long braid using some of the black yarn. Black is perfect for me as it blends in with my hair and makes it look like the pom-poms are just balancing on my head ~_^ 

3. Using a short length of either black or pink (depending on which pom-pom you are attaching) and a needle, thread the wool through the centre of the pom-pom and then tie it onto the braid. You could also use glue, but I find that that can sometimes be itchy, and this way you can also make adjustments to how to pom-poms sit while you're wearing it ^_^

That's it! Pretty easy, huh? ^_^

My next project is from the April issue of Cross Stitcher and was meant to be a key fob. However, since my keys already have waaayyy too many things hanging off them, I decided to make it into a brooch instead.

I stitched up the rose just like the instructions said, but then instead of attaching the key ring, I added a short length of chain which is then attached to a cute little felt bow.

I think it looks even cuter like this! ^_^ You can't see this from the photos, but I have used two badge backs for this brooch; one on the bow and one on the back of the cross-stitch. I did that because I didn't think the bow would be strong enough to hold the weight of the wooden stitching panel. I also added a circle of felt onto the back of my stitching, which makes it look *much* neater and gives a better surface for attaching the badge back ^_^

And, lucky last, here is my finished scarf! Yay! It looks *so* much better since I have blocked it ^_^

Does it remind you of anything? I wanted to make something a little bit different from just a straight scarf and the combination of the emerald green yarn and the shell stitch inspired me to make this my Mermaid Tail scarf! ^_^

I didn't write down the pattern, but if you want to make your own it would be pretty easy - you just have to decrease a couple of rows after your foundation row and then stitch straight for the rest of the scarf ^_^

Here's a close-up of the stitch pattern; I used the Crochet Bible for the instructions and it's an easy stitch to do once you get into the rhythm of it.

These pictures show the colour a bit better - isn't the difference between colours inside and outside amazing?

What do you think? What have you been working on? 

- Lisa x