Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Squid amigurumi

I finished a crochet squid amigurumi today - yay!

I used a pattern from Ravelry, but I changed it a little. Again. I wasn't really a fan of the pattern for the tentacles (really I just am not good at crocheting little tubes) so I brought out my French knitter and used that instead! It worked really well, and it was a lot faster than crocheting all of them would've taken me.

I used purple Moda Vera acrylic yarn in 8 ply, a 4mm hook, black buttons (for the eyes), and polyfill. The small tentacles have pipecleaners in them for poseability (is that even a word? Is now!) and the long tentacles are French knitted with crochet spheres sewn onto the ends. Yayness! I'm so happy it's finished.

Have a great evening!
- Lisa x

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Felt owls with free pattern!

Hello! Today was a Crafternoon day ^_^

I made these super cute felt owls ...

... which will possibly become a mobile, or maybe just some tiny plushies. 


And I also made this little pattern so that if you want to, you can make some felt owls too! Yay! 

1. Click on the image above to download the pattern from my Google Drive

2. Cut out all the felt pieces, making the body one colour (i.e. pink) and all the body parts except for the beak and eyes another colour (i.e. blue). Make the beak brown, and the eyes black.
3. Sew the eyes onto the eye mask with 6=six strands of black embroidery thread using the image on the pattern as a guide. Whip stitch the beak to the eyemask using two strands of brown embroidery thread. Whip stitch the eyemask to the front body piece using two strands of embroidery thread using the contrasting colour (i.e. pink thread if sewing a blue eyemask).
4. Sew three lines of zig-zag on the tummy patch with two strands of embroidery thread. 5. Whip stitch the tummy patch to the front body piece.
6. Starting at the top of the left wing, running stitch the owl body closed. Ensure the wings and feet are placed so that they will be caught by the closing stitches.
7. Leave a small gap on the left side of the head for stuffing; after stuffing, stitched closed.

- Lisa x