Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lumpy Space Princess brooch

So, I've decided to do another challenge! Yay! ^_^ I'm participating in the HP Craft-a-long over on Craftster and if you want to participate as well, you can! You can join anytime during the summer semester, which is May to August.

This is my entry for the "Riding the Knight Bus" challenge, which was to craft something purple! So I made a Lumpy Space Princess brooch ^_^

This was a really easy craft as it's just embroidery on felt. It worked up really quick, which I was pleased with also! ^_^

Here's a close-up of LSP herself. I love her expression and her tiny arms ^_^

And here's an arty shot of the whole brooch. I like the trailing quote bubbles ... but I think she would look cute without them as well. I did cut out two LSP shapes, so maybe I'll make other one ^_^

- Lisa x

Friday, 29 June 2012

Another skirt!

Hey! This post sure has been a long time coming! I took these photos ages ago, but just hadn't gotten around to uploading them (or anything else, for that matter!). My chronic fatigue has been playing up again (boo!) and I got food poisioning on Wednesday night (double boo!) and I'm still feeling pretty blah; I'm planning on having a really easy weekend and hopefully being back to 100% for work on Sunday! Anyway, here is my third foray into skirt making ^_^

This skirt is *so fluffy*! It's got pleats galore ^_^ I used this pattern from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing again; I'm planning on making many, many skirts in this style. It is the best!

I got this fabric from Spoonflower; isn't it awesome?!

I adore the little details like the skulls on top of the pins ^_^

And I think this cute little crochet birdy is my favourite! What's yours?

- Lisa x

Friday, 15 June 2012


Hey, hey! I'm back! ^_^ I recently took six days off work and headed down south for a crafterweekend with Bec and Pip. It was really great! Aside from just not being at work (which I think everyone will agree is nice), we had great fun visiting markets, op-shopping, eating epic breakfasts, chatting a lot, and crafting a bit. I don't think I took a single photo the whole time (because I'm just that clever) but I did a bit of a photo shoot today with my creations and goodies so I can show them to you ^_^

First up: Mocha angels. Yup, they're a bit weird. I made them because I decided to start making tree decorations for the end of the year, and after brainstorming a few themes Scott and I decided on the broad category of "things we like". Scott really likes Mocha. Like, a lot. I'm not really sure how to convey just how much he likes this drink. I think he would have it for every meal if he could, and I'm not convinced that he didn't do just that while I was away.

Anyway, I think they are rather sweet ^_^ I made a template for a regular milk carton then scanned it into Photoshop (all I had access to over the crafterweekend) and added the front colours. Then I printed it out, put it together, and added wings cut from glittery silver card stock and a halo from a silver pipe cleaner.

With these expressions I feel like they should be constantly singing arias ~_^

Next: results from my op-shopping expedition. Isn't this little tablecloth cute? It's black gingham with purple and white embroidery and I think it will look great on my coffee table ^_^ 

I also found this sweet little cot blanket. The yarn is so soft and the colours are lovely and vibrant ^_^ This one's going to be saved for the distant future when Scott and I might have kids ...

I found this gorgeous teapot at the markets. Isn't it lovely? I am so darn pleased because although I have a stack of vintage cups, saucers, plates, bowls, and jugs, this is my first vintage teapot!

All my vintage china is mismatched, but I try to keep it to a broad theme of flowers and/ or gold trim. This teapot fits both! Yay! ^_^ I am going to have to have a tea party very soon!

Also from the markets; a headband featuring measuring tape ribbon, an awesome pen that looks like a giant pencil, and a plate of Italian biscotti (not shown because we ate them all!).

Going back to the crafting, I finally finished my last computer key cushion! This has been in my WIP box for a really long time! But now that the embroidery is done on this one, I can stuff it and add it to my day bed ^_^

 I also made some ridicuously simple earrings. All I did for these was put charms onto earring hooks. But they are really cute so I thought I'd show you anyway ^_^

If I wear one cup and saucer earring and one scissor earring, I can have a tea and craft earring set ~_^

These shrinky-dink Harry Potter characters are a little bit of a craft fail. They were meant to be ornaments for my tree but I didn't do the maths and they came out much too small. That's ok though! I'm going to add some badge backs to them and have a collection of wizarding pins ^_^

I've only made Harry, Dumbledore, Draco, and Voldemort so far because Ron's head snapped off (0_0) and I didn't have a brown permanent marker to colour in Hermione's/Neville's/Hagrid's hair. I'll do some more later and share with you the results ^_^

I also made a whole heap of wool and crochet hook baubles. They are really hard to photograph! This was the best image I had after taking about 20 photos >_< Still, you can see the basic guist of them, and I'm sure they'll look good on the tree.

And, lastly, this is what I've been doing yesterday and today! ^_^ I read Bitterblue yesterday and totally loved it - I love it when sequels just make your favourite worlds more awesome and the characters even more fleshed-out. I finished Cursed today and thought it held up really well; I can't wait for the next book! And this afternoon (after I force myself to do some housework ~_^) I'm going to get stuck in to The Invaders. I'm sure it will be great - John Flanagan is a great author. ^_^

What are you up to this weekend?

- Lisa x