Sunday, 31 March 2013

Plushie robot, pom-pom beanie, and a washi taped word

 Wow, can you believe that it is already the end of March? I can't believe I've been at uni for a month! The time has really flown by. I've really been missing posting more than once a week too, but I figure it's better if I spend that time writing essays and doing my readings for the moment - and my workload is sure to increase in the coming months! That doesn't mean I haven't been doing any craft though! Here's some of the things I've been doing ...

I found this wooden word at the craft store and simply had to have it! I covered it with washi tape using the same technique as my monogram brooches and I think I am going to put it up in my craft room aka the land where stash monsters roam.

I made this cute little robot using this tutorial and I am really pleased with how she turned out ^_^

I used plain strips of felt for her arms and legs, rather than the ruffles in the original tutorial, for one simple reason: I was running out of grey felt! But I do like how it looks anyway ^_^

The bow on her head was crocheted using this tutorial, her eyes are buttons, and her eyelashes are just embroidery thread. I am thinking about making her eyelashes a little thicker though - they're a bit hard to see.

I also crocheted this hat using Vera Moda Shiver yarn, after being inspired by this one. Except I didn't use that pattern and our hats look completely different. Oh well! ^_^
The yarn I used is really chunky and super soft so this was really quick to make, even though I was crocheting slower than usual due to wanting to relax my normally very tight tension and also because the yarn can be a bit splitty so going slow prevents those annoying instances where you do a stitch with only half the yarn >_<

It's still pretty hot here, even though we're now a month into what is meant to be autumn, but we did have one rainy day which got me really excited for cooler weather, layering clothes, and blankets galore. Normally during winter my wardrobe is black, black, and black, with a bit of black thrown in as an accent colour but I've been making a real effort lately to add a bit more variety into my wardrobe; I think this pink hat will definitely help with that! ^_^

Can you believe that I previously didn't own any hats with pom-poms? It was obviously a problem that needed to be recified promptly! And if you're going to pom-pom, why not go massive? ~_^

Now I just need to have weather cool enough to wear it for longer than five minutes at a time! ~_^

I can't remember if I've shown you my pom-pom case before, so here's a little photo of it. Isn't that cross-eyed owl a cutie? ~_^ I got my pom-pom loom from Spotlight for a couple of bucks, and it was totally worth it; I want to make heaps more now, for one of those adorable pom-pom garlands I keep seeing around.

You can see here that when it's not being worn, my hat greatly resembles a teapot cosy. Actually, Scott says it looks like a teapot cosy while I'm wearing it too so I guess it's a good thing that I like teapots! And I totally need to make a skirt with teapot fabric now, to wear with the hat ~_^

Giant pom-pom closeup! This Shiver yarn is great for pom-poms because it's just so FLUFFY ^_^

I've also finished a scarf, but I'm still blocking that so I'll have photos for next week ^_^

So. What have you been doing? Let me know - I miss you! 

Lisa x

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Many skirts

Hello! How are you? I'm going well! I have been trying to save money this year because I'm not working as much, and that gives me the perfect reason to finish off some WIPs and make some new stash crafts ^_^

I started making this pleated skirt AGES ago and it was almost done (only the hemming to go) when I realised that I'd sewn the skirt panel on upside down! >_< Silly Lisa! After spending a couple of hours unpicking all the seams (overlocker stitching is the worst to unpick!) I decided I was sick of looking at my craft fail and so stuck it in my craft room and ignored it for a while.

But look at it now! It's finished! Yayyyy! ^_^

 Since I'd already cut out the pieces *and* made this skirt before, it was actually really quick to finish. *And* I put a zip in all by myself! That doesn't sound like a big deal, but it totally is ~_^

 Here's a close-up of the fabric pattern. Isn't it the cutest? 

Then I figured that since I already had the sewing machine and overlocker set up, I might as well use up some more fabric and I made another pretty skirt with this floral stash fabric ...

... and then I made *another* one!

I love the graffitti meets paisley look of this fabric ^_^

They were both super easy to make because all I did was pleat a big rectangle of fabric, sew it onto a waistband, add a zip, and then hem the bottom. All three of these skirts were also 100% stash! Even the zips! Last time I headed down South to visit my parents I stopped in at a couple of op-shops on the way and at one of them I found a big bag of vintage zips for $5 - total score, right? ^_^ I knew they'd be useful, and they totally are - I've got about 15 still to use up, so I guess more skirts are in my future! ^_^

And, speaking of op-shops, while I was looking for a shirt for Scott's steampunk costume, I found this awesome purple pencil skirt. At the time it was waaaayyyy too big for me but (after some advice from Rebecca) I adjusted the darts at the back and took up the hem and now it fits wonderfully! ^_^

I really do love pencil skirts, so it's lovely to have one that fits well (i.e. goes over my *ahem* rather generous lower half ~_^)

What have you been working on? Do you have any favourite stash-busting craft projects?

- Lisa x

Friday, 15 March 2013

Steampunk librarian cosplay

Hey everyone! How have you been? I have been good but, omg, I am seriously not used to doing so much handwriting! I have been taking lots of notes and such in my uni classes and my hands are all sore and weird >_< Weak! I need to build up that old high school stamina again! (Or buy a laptop ~_^)

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you the costumes that Scott and I wore to Oz Comic Con last weekend - it was so much fun, we had such a good time, and some people even asked for our photos! ^_^ I was (and kinda still am) very excited about that!

We decided to go Steampunk this year - I was a Lady Librarian and Scott was a Gentleman Explorer. Bec also did a Steampunk costume and hopefully she'll put up the details of it on her blog soon (yes, that guilt trip *is* aimed at you, Rebecca! ~_^)

This costume is probably one of the worst I could have chosen if I wanted to look flattering (high neckline + hair up + tiny glasses = giant moon face) but I didn't really care because it was just so fun! ^_^ 

Scott brought most of his things online, but his shirt and waistcoat were thrifted, I made his bow tie, and he already had the leather satchel, pants, boots, and gloves.

My dress was from Attitude Oz, I made my book necklace, anamatron brooch, bustle (which you can't see, but it's definitely there! ~_^), and wrist typewriter, the glasses are Harry Potter ones from Spotlight, my fake book clutch is from Typo, I already owned the earrings, stockings, and shoes, and the assortment of quills, ink bottles, and stamps hanging from my belt were inherited, brought from Spotlight (and filled with food colouring and water), and gifted respectively.

We took a couple more photos once we got back home, and I discovered that my skin has a very high reflective index (i.e. I am extremely, extremely pale! ~_^)

My wrist typewriter is probably my most favourite part of this costume (although the dress *is* pretty close too!). I wanted to be able to have my phone on me so I didn't have to worry about losing it but also I didn't really want to destroy "the look" with my neon green, polka dot phone case ... so I made this!

I used the phone case that I got free with my phone, which is one that has a flip cover. I spraypainted it metallic charcol and used mod-podge to glue on and varnish tiny typewriter keys that I designed in Illustrator. Cutting them out was a pain, but so worth it!

The paper is a mostly empty reciept roll (which I stamped some words on) and the holder is made from a cardboard tube and balsa wood. The main aim for this project was to make everything as light as possible - my phone is already pretty heavy and since it was going on my wrist I didn't want it to be so weighty that it slipped down or around too much. I used another peice of balsa wood to attach the holder to the bottom of the phone case.

Then I made the cuff using faux-leather, gold grommets, and some leather cord; it's very basic, I didn't even hem it or anything. I used E6000 to attach the modified phone case to the cuff, slipped my phone in, and then laced it up on my arm! Yay! I am very pleased with how it turned out and it was pretty cool to see people's expressions when I flipped open the case and started texting as many people didn't realise that it actually a functional device ^_^ That said, it was still pretty heavy so I wouldn't recommend it for everyday wear! ~_^

What have you been up to? Do you ever cosplay? What did you think of our costumes? That's your homework, class, and I'll see you next week! ~_^

- Lisa x

Friday, 8 March 2013

Hoop wall

Hey! Well, I survived my first week of uni and my new job - yay for me! ~_^ And, I finally have some photos of my hoop wall to show you! Cue much rejoicing!

Hmmm. It *does* look more impressive in real life ... but anyway, here are some close-ups ^_^

Some of these hoops haven't been seen on here before, because they were so easy and quick to make! (Now that I think about it, that's a silly reason to not post things! >_<)

The top hoop, with the green polka dot fabric, features six pink buttons that came with one of my Mollie Makes magazines - I just added some embroidered stems to make them into flowers.

The squid hoop is made with some of my Spoonflower fabric and the blue and white hoop is a bit of fabric from Spotlight.

This one is made from a vintage hoop, a bit of fabric, and some wooden scrabble tiles. I just glued them on! ^_^ I also made a pink "geek" one, which hangs over my side of the bed.

Another vintage hoop, with some twine, mini clothes pegs, and a card from Typo. See, I *do* use the things I buy from there! ~_^

Here's the geek hoop I mentioned before ^_^ The Eiffel Tower is another one of my Spoonflower designs and the close-up sewing machine hoop is from the same blue and white fabric from Spotlight.

This hoop was also made with some of my Spoonflower fabric, and some more wooden scrabble tiles. I really like how this one turned out!

You may have already seen this one if you follow me on Instagram - I used another vintage hoop (I was so impressed when I found a red one! ^_^) and a necklace pendant which I spray-painted silver (it was bronze before and I simply couldn't get it coordinated with any of my fabric!)

I shared this one on Instagram too - it's just a felt moustache which I stitched onto this fun background fabric ^_^

In this photo you can see how I've hung all these hoops; I spray-painted a bit of wood white, hammered in heaps of nails, and then screwed it to the top of the wall. The hoops are hung with white thread which is not very noticeable and allows me to easily change around the arrangement without having to add more holes to the wall. Scott and I rent so this is a good way to hang lots of things without driving the landlord spare ~_^

You can see a few more hoops that I haven't included close-ups of in this photo. The dapper cupcake at the top is another one of my Spoonflower designs (yes, another one! I've made a lot! ~_^), the blue and white spool hoop is made from the same fabric as the other two blue and white hoops, and the origami moose is made from IKEA fabric.

The other ones that I haven't mentioned in this post are ones that I've posted about before. If you've missed any of my previous embroidery projects, here's a list so you can check them out ^_^

But anyway ... what do you think? I am thinking it needs to be extended to cover the whole wall next ~_^

- Lisa x

Friday, 1 March 2013

Bits and Pieces

Hey! Gosh, it's getting close to uni starting now - I am so excited! ^_^ I have been working on a couple of kinda big projects which aren't finished yet, so here are some other things I've been doing ...

I found this set of rainbow seed beads in tiny plastic test tubes! So awesome ^_^ I've been trying to think of something to make with them, but I haven't decided on anything yet.

I've been making a lot of salads and really, really loving these baby beats - yum! ^_^ Colourful lunches are the best!

Washing out paintbrushes makes pretty coloured water, which is also pretty cool ^_^

The power went out for five hours one night, leaving me glad that I own way too many candles and also keep tiny battery operated lanterns in my linen cupboard (that's obviously the logical place to keep them ...) ~_^

Scott and I have been watching "Psych" and having fun competing to spot the pineapple in each episode (yes, we're that easily amused!). It's gotten to the stage where I took this photo while doing the grocery shopping to send to Scott and he's been drawing pineapples and leaving them around the house ^_^

My awesome work friends threw a farewell afternoon tea for me ^_^ Theresa even made me a sugar and flour free cake ... but we all decided that baked goods should definitely contain both of those things! The dapper minifig was one of my presents - I also got *a lot* of stationary (they know me so well ^_^)

I finally gave Nana Alma her new convertible mittens - they're the type that she can pull off the covers that go over her fingers and thumbs to turn them into fingerless mitts when she wants to turn book pages and the like.

Nana Alma, Mum, Bec, and I went to high tea at the WA Museum, which was really great! We also saw "Unveiled" which is an exhibition on the history of wedding outfits - it was really interesting ^_^

I've been doing a little bit of embroidery, and also spent a bit of time organising my floss container. Seeing all of these colours together makes me happy ^_^

I made this little brooch which will be part of my Steampunk Librarian costume for Oz Comic Con (it's next weekend - squee!) using a mini life drawing model. To make the sign I wrote on a piece of balsa wood with the quill and ink my parents brought me from Germany. It didn't turn out perfectly neat but I still like how it looks ^_^ I also added a tiny top hat made from Sculpey and drew on a little mustache using my trusty Sharpie ^_^

And I finished off these little Harry and Ron brooches ^_^ To make them I just used blanket stitch to attach the fabric cut out to a piece of felt. The fabric is one of my designs from my Spoonflower store.

What have you been working on?

- Lisa x