Saturday, 19 March 2011

Star Wars Finger Puppets

Today the Crafternoon project was Star Wars Finger Puppets. It was really fun!
We made our puppets with felt, which I love working with - no hemming ^_^ 

I made some line drawings first and, now, I have vectorised them in Illustrator and uploaded them for you to use - yay! ^_^ 
So, if you would like to make some finger puppets, you can use my drawings as a kind of pattern. They were pretty easy and quick to make - I cut out two torso and two head shapes, sewed the little decorative bits to the right places, and then blanket stitched everything together. 
I haven't made all the characters yet, so if you make them, I would love to see! 

- Lisa x


Kate said...

Those are super cute! I love yoda :)

Fromemaid said...

Hi Lisa,
I LOVE THESE! My 3 year old boy (and his Dad) are mad keen on Star Wars and I have started to make "a set" for my boy. Thank you so much for posting- I've a photo of my son with the first 2 completed- how do I send it to you? Also, can I mention you on my blog and post the pic. there too?

Lisa said...

Hi Fromemaid! Wow - I'm so pleased you like them! I'd love to be mentioned on your blog ^_^ To show me the picture, the best way would probably be to just send me a link to where ever it is ^_^ I'm not sure how to allow people to upload images to my blog ... I will try to find out! But until then, if you put it on your blog, I will see it there ^_^ Thanks again!

Sugar Swings said...

awesome! i may use these for my 6 y/o's star wars party! thanks for sharing!!

Lisa said...

Hi sugarwings, no problems! I'm super glad you like them! I hope your party went really well ^_^
(P.S. sorry I didn't see your comment until just now! I don't even know how that happened, as I don't get heaps! ^_^)