Thursday, 23 June 2011

Agatha Christie mixed medium brooch

This brooch is my tribute to the most wonderful Dame Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime. I *love* her mystery novels, and have an entire bookshelf dedicated to them. I mainly buy them in second-hand shops because I love the vintage cover designs - I have even brought multiple copies so I can have different covers ^_

I used this tutorial for the frame, but I used 3 ply thread, so I have quite a few more "petals". The thread I used is 75% viscose and 25% metallic and it's "Romantic" by Vera Moda.

The scroll is black felt with white and dark red embroidery thread and says (in case you can't read my embroidery-writing) "Long May She Reign" and Agatha is wearing a litte crown made from card-stock that has been spray-painted with bronze. I originally tried to paint on the crown, but it didn't look really good and so I stole some of Scott's card-stock that has been under his mask as he spray-paints. I glued the crown on with mod-podge and then applied another layer to varnish and protect from water and the like.
The back has more felt (covering the back of the picture), and a badge back - simple!

I'm really happy with how it turned out! I can't wait to wear it tomorrow ^_^

Have an awesome night! And I'd love to see any projects *you* may have made for your Idols, Heroines, and Heroes! ^_^
- Lisa x

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