Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Squid amigurumi

I finished a crochet squid amigurumi today - yay!

I used a pattern from Ravelry, but I changed it a little. Again. I wasn't really a fan of the pattern for the tentacles (really I just am not good at crocheting little tubes) so I brought out my French knitter and used that instead! It worked really well, and it was a lot faster than crocheting all of them would've taken me.

I used purple Moda Vera acrylic yarn in 8 ply, a 4mm hook, black buttons (for the eyes), and polyfill. The small tentacles have pipecleaners in them for poseability (is that even a word? Is now!) and the long tentacles are French knitted with crochet spheres sewn onto the ends. Yayness! I'm so happy it's finished.

Have a great evening!
- Lisa x


Tanya said...

that is adorable!! you make awesome stuffs!! ^_^

Lisa said...

Thanks Omlair ^_^