Sunday, 9 December 2012

Birthday give-away

Hey! This year my birthday date is 12/12/12 - and, like a total nerd, I'm pretty pleased with that! ~_^ I'll be 24 and so I thought, in classic blogger fashion, that I'd do a little give-away ^_^

Here's the pitch:

You chose one of my jewellery pieces from below ...

heart necklace in pink, blue, green, or red

spool necklace in silver, red, orange, purple, pink or yellow

moustache badge in natural wood or black

chalkboard badge with vintage button

granny triangle necklace in purple, green, or grey

moustache earrings in natural wood or black

heart brooch in blue, green, pink, or red

And two card designs ...

clockwise from top left: blessed are the geeks, number, cuckoo clock, crafty birthday, and invisible friend

clockwise from top left: neon skulls, zombie survival skills, high tea, geometric birthday, and crafty friends

And then leave a comment saying what you've picked and then on Thursday (the day after my birthday) I'll announce a winner! Yay! ^_^

 If it's you, I'll message you for your postal address and you might get a special Christmas present (depending on how much my postie likes me this week, I guess) ~_^

Good luck!

- Lisa x


Helena said...

I like the heart brooch!

Rebecca said...

Oo, I have often admired your natural wood moustache badge!
And I would have to pick crafty friends and high tea (because: top hats).

Flora and Paws said...

Happy birthday for the 12th!

I love your heart brooch in red and your neon skulls and zombie survival skills cards sound right up my street.