Friday, 22 February 2013

Freezer paper stencilled tote bags

Hello! Today I tried making freezer paper stencils for the first time and, omg, how have I lived this long without them?! Freezer paper is amazing! I brought a huge roll and so now I'm excited for more stencil projects ^_^ 

I made these tote bags for Laura and Carina, who are doing the Graduate Program at my work. They are both very cool, and I don't think either of them read my blog so hopefully they won't see these before I give them to them on Monday. They both say "totes" a lot (i.e. "they are totes profesh") so I thought this design was appropriate ...

Here's an awesome thing I love about freezer paper: I cut out one design and got two stencils! Wicked!

For the green design I ironed down the letters that I cut out from the freezer paper and then just painted over everything in a planned but trying to look haphazard kinda way ~_^

And for the pink design I used the outline of the letters that were left over. To make this look a little different I left out the inside parts of the "o" and the "e" and also cut out some retro looking stars. The font I used was Fabulous 50's and although it's the same basic design for both bags, I like that they both turned out quite different ^_^

Yay! I think I need to make one for me now too! ^_^

Do you like them? What would you make a stencil of?

- Lisa x


Flora and Paws said...

Lisa your bags look great. I have never heard of freezer paper though.

Tanya said...

omg tote bags that are totes awesome.


i also have never heard of freezer paper!

Rebecca said...

Freezer paper will change your life, you have to try it!
*Wrings hands* tell them, Lisa, tell them!

On a side night, your bags look awesome, totes profesh and everything :D

Lisa said...

Freezer paper is indeed amazing! If you can't find it in the stores, you can find it online - just search for "Reynolds Freezer Paper" ^_^

Raynor said...

These look FANTASTIC, Lisa! How great are you? I hope they were totes impressed with their gifts. I need to try this out, yo.

Lisa said...

Thanks, Raynor! I gave them to Laura and Carina today and they both totes liked their totes totes! Yay! ^_^

I would *love* to see your take on it; they are so fun and simple to do but oh so satisfying to have done ^_^