Monday, 25 November 2013

Cheese and whiskers!

Today I'm going to tell you about my hair. My hair is very fine, very voluminous, and very very prone to knots and split ends. I've since learnt that the best way to deal with my hair is to never ever brush it and to condition and finger-comb it regularly but when I was a child my hair could best be described as horrid, knotty, and bushy. I hated brushing it, because all the knots made it hurt so much, which of course only made the knots worse! Once, when I was about seven, my mother found a dreadlock at the base of my skull because I had been only brushing the top layer of my hair! I was regularly informed that my hair looked like a rat's nest, and today it *really* does! ~___^

 Rats galore! ^___^ I made these rat hair accessories using only four things: hair combs, plastic rats, glue, and pliers. I brought the rats the day after Halloween, the day when all the spooky plastic animals are 80% off (score! ~___^) I also brought some spiders, so expect some more slightly creepy jewellery and hair accessories in the near future!

Anyway, back to the rats. These hair pieces were very easy to make; I used the pliers to clip down the hair combs into smaller pieces, and then glued the plastic rats on top. I made the hair combs smaller so that they would fit completely under the rats, but this does reduce the functionality of the hair combs. They'll still stay in, but they aren't much use for actually styling your hair. It's up to you if you want to keep them full sized or not, but I will add that cutting the hair combs smaller is a great way to use up old hair combs that have lost a tooth or two ^___^

 I think these will be great for Halloween next year, but honestly I'll probably wear them out and about during the year as well; they're actually kind of cute! ^___^

What do you think? Rat hair clips: yay or nay? ^___^

- Lisa xx


Kat said...

Yay! I think they're year-round cute.

Lisa said...

Thanks Kat! ^___^ I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys a little bit of year-round spooky cuteness ^___^