Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Nerd Love

Hello! I have finished Scott's Valentine gift with plenty of time to spare, so I thought I'd show it to you in case you'd like to make one too! ^___^ I was inspired by this project on making a motivational mobile, but decided to mix it up a bit. I used the supplies that I already had on hand, and made it a bit more "us"; i.e. nerdy. ~___^



I've had a set of magnet letters sitting in the craft room for a while now, since they were displaced by my washi taped magnet alphabet but, like a true crafter, I kept them knowing they'd come in handy one day (that's kinda our motto, huh? ~___^). I spray painted them with Super Chrome (the best metallic spray paint!) and then used baker's twin to hang them.


The glasses were ones that we originally got from a 3D movie; we stashed them in our costume box and used them approximately zero times since I already have glasses and Scott didn't really have any costumes that needed them. So I popped out the lenses, pulled off the arms, and they became the perfect detail for this nerdy bit of wall art ^___^

If you look closely you may be able to see some faint lines between the letters. They didn't hang very well because they were weighted unevenly (due to the magnets) so I used some thin plastic (from a piece of packaging I took from the recycling) to join them together and ensure they wouldn't keep flipping around. I used hot glue to attach everything, and it worked a treat! ^___^

And here it is in action on the lounge room wall - I think it fits in quite nicely ^___^ Since the whole thing is made from light plastic and string, washi tape is strong enough to hold it up. And it looks pretty too ~___^

I've still got most of the set of magnetic letters left, so I'll have to think of another project to use some of them up. Unfortunately, I only have two of each letter to work with so I'm slightly limited for phrases I can make ... perhaps I'll just put them back on the fridge! ~___^

- Lisa xx

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