Monday, 1 September 2014

Hair bows and awards!

Hello! It's officially the first day of study break - yay! I was sick at the end of last week and I was so so hoping that I wouldn't be spending all of this week in bed and generally useless. I mean, I'm still a *bit* useless since I haven't done much except read and do the grocery shopping but, hey, small steps, right? ~___^ However! I do have some more hair bows to show you. I kinda went a bit wild after making the first batch; it really is a great way to use up bits of fabric that aren't really big enough to do much with.

I made these little bows by reducing my bow pattern by half and although I think they're cute, they're a bit harder to make than the bigger ones because the small tube is itty bitty!

My favourite of the small bows is definitely this frog and insect one; I've had this fabric since I was a small child (when you have a mother that quilts, collecting pretty bits of fabric is really just an inevitable side effect) but I didn't have much of it left. I'm glad that I have this bow because it means I can hang on to it now ^___^

I think the mushroom fabric was a fat flat remnant; I once made a Ninni monster out of the majority of it. The majority of the vintage style space fabric was made into a skirt (that is now too big for me and that I must take in ... does anyone else have exponentially growing mending piles?) which I always struggle to match with accessories. I think this will help!

I really like these two bows; the cotton I used has great body to it so they sit really nicely and don't lose their fluffiness ^___^

I added one of my galaxy pendants to the middle of this one, after giving it a lick of strawberry scented glittery nail polish. I'm a bit worried that the nail polish will yellow, but it's looking ok so far! My nickname for this bow is, of course, Galactic Strawberry ~___^

The owl is from another pendant; I brought myself one, and then was given one as a gift. Ooops! Since I really have no need for two matching necklaces, it's been sitting in my beading box for quite a while. I just used pliers to cut off the hanging loop and glued it in place ^___^

This last bow is made from some of my Spoonflower fabric and has a cute little sewing machine charm sewn on. I added a small scissor charm as well, to fit in with the crafting theme ^___^

On another subject, Amy from Perfect Imperfections was kind enough to nominate me for the Liebster Award! I've done this once before, so while I will answer the questions I'm going to put out the award to any of my readers with blog followers under 200. Comment to let me know where I can check out your blogs! ^___^

1) What is your favourite thing about blogging?
This may seem rather cliche, but I like sharing with others! I love to see what people are up to, and see the pretty things you all make ^___^
2) What is your favourite thing to blog about?
I should say this is fairly obvious - craft! I've dabbled in a few other topics, but craft is my number one hobby and I always come back to it ^___^
3) Why did you choose your blog name?
When I was starting my blog I wanted to choose a name that summed up what I, and my blog, was all about. Tea and Craft reminded me of cosy crafternoons with my friends, so I thought it was perfect!
4) Why do you blog about what you do?
I wear the same outfits too often to be a fashion blogger and I don't do enough to be a lifestyle blogger ~___^
5) What type shoes do you like to wear?
I have dreadful feet so I have to wear orthotics. This means my shoe choices are fairly limited! I have two pairs of black mary-janes that I pretty much wear constantly but I'm always on the look out for orthotic-friendly shoes. (If anyone has any suggestions, please do let me know!)
6) Sweaters or tank tops?
It's still chilly here in Australia, so I'm loving my jumpers but I must admit I'm looking forward to wearing singlets again! If I had to choose though, jumpers. I can't resist a good knit.
7) What is your favourite type of book?
I am really really predictable with books. If it's a dystopian novel with a hint of fantasy or sci-fi, I am there! I'm currently reading the last book in the Grisha Trilogy which I *highly* recommend, if you're looking for something new to get your teeth into ~___^

8) What is your favourite app?
Instagram. No question. I may have just a teeny tiny addiction.
9) Cats or dogs?
I like both, but if I could only choose one, I'd pick a puppy. I always had dogs growing up, and I just love them so much ^___^
10) What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Grumble. I am not a morning person, and my alarm clock is the bane of my existence. (Hyperbole, much? ~___^) After that, it's a cup of tea and breakfast. I'm loving overnight oats at the moment since it means I can sleep in a bit longer ~___^
11) What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
Check my blood sugars. Since I developed T1 diabetes, I'm always worried about having a hypo overnight and not waking up. Rather morbid, isn't it? Luckily I normally do wake up if I have a hypo, and I keep a stash of juice boxes and tiny teddies on my bedside table for this very reason!

If you'd like to do this, here are some questions for you!
1. What's your favourite blog post that you've done?
2. What's your go to snack?
3. What's something that you'd love to wear, but haven't or don't often (for whatever reasons)?
4. Favourite type of music?
5. Who's your favourite Harry Potter character?
6. What's a name that you really like?
7. What would you do if you were the leader of your country?
8. What's something that you'd love to learn to do?
9. If you could pick a superhero to have a movie made about, who would you choose?
10. What's your favourite holiday?

I'm working on another project *as we speak* but I do also have a bit of homework to do, so it might be a while until I finish it. I have some boring things (essays and such) but one of my assignments is to write a short fantasy story! I'm so nervous about it since I haven't done any creative writing since high school ... well, any that I've shown anyone anyway! ~___^ It's really tough deciding what I want to do - there are just so many possibilities! I guess I better get to it!

- Lisa xx


Amy said...

I love all of your hair bows! Really good answers, too. :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Amy! ^___^