Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Perler bead sushi magnets and a felt pug hoop

Hello! I know I said you probably wouldn't hear from me this week but, well, I guess I lied! I caught up with a couple of my friends to exchange early Christmas gifts, so I figured I could tell you about the presents I crafted for them now ^___^

For Philip I made these cute little sushi magnets! ^___^ I used a cross stitch pattern from weelittlestitches for these, but made them from perler beads instead of fabric and thread.

I wasn't going to put faces on these, but they really looked like they needed something so ... googly eyes to the rescue! I think it gives them a really funny expression ^___^

I used E6000 to attach the eyes and the magnets and they look good enough to eat ~___^ (Only, you know. Don't).

Using a pattern from Urban Threads, I made this felt pug hoop for Phillipa. I think it turned out really cute! Instead of stitching all of the lines, I cut out shapes from felt and stitched them down. I feel like this is a great way to add colour without having to spend an eternity doing fill stitches.

Everything is stitched down with running stitch, and the roses are 3D which I thought looked really cool ^___^

I feel like the roses could have done with a few more petals, but I didn't want to make them *too* bulky.

I think this pug's silly little face is my favourite part ^___^ The paws are attached with only one stitch so they can be lifted up; I did the same with the tail. I'm not sure why, but having movable parts to an embroidery hoop is so appealing to me. I added some little hearts to the banner because I wasn't sure about the phrase that the pattern suggested ("True Love") but also didn't want to leave it blank.

This photo shows the most accurate colour of the background fabric; it is definitely purple even though it looks blue in most of the pictures I took! The back is finished off with blue felt and the same technique I always use. Boring, yes, but also neat which is what I was going for.

Now, I must continue crafting as I have, once again, left my dad's gift until the last minute. Fingers crossed I get it done!

Best wishes to everyone for whichever holiday you celebrate! I hope you have a lovely one ^___^

- Lisa xx


Lavender and Twill said...

I really like that felt embroidery pug, it looks super cute! Plus, I've never seen that trick for finishing off the back of an embroidery hoop, so thanks for showing that one! I'll remember it for next time for sure. ♡

bonita of Lavender & Twill

Amy said...

Oh, both of these look wonderful! Great ideas ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Lisa said...

Thanks Bonita! I do the same backing on every hoop, so I totally forgot that maybe not everyone knows how it's done! If you are keen to try it yourself, it's really quite easy. I cut the excess fabric away to create a thick border of fabric around the hoop which I then stitch around using a basting stitch. I gather the stitch up, which draws the border of fabric into the centre of the back of the hoop. Then I place a circle of felt over the top, and running stich through the felt and the gathered border. I hope that makes sense! ^___^

Thanks Amy! I really like crafting gifts! ^___^

Crissy said...

I love the googly eyes on the sushi magnets. It's really great that you use a pattern but put your own touches to it... the felt pieces make for a cute hoop! :D

Lisa said...

Thanks Crissy! I think the little personal touches are one of the best things about making homemade ^___^