Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Pizza weaving

Hello! Ok, so, this project is totally awesome and totally difficult to photograph. If you have a house that isn't 90% brown brick (mmmmm, so seventies!) it may be easier to take photographs that look pretty. BUT - pizza weaving! Yum!

I used my 6.5 x 9.5 inch loom and although when I started I wanted to make it bigger, after weaving all the pizza toppings I think this size was just right ~___^ I also took the rest of these photos with the pizza weaving laying on my coffee table which I have only just realised is really quite an orange coloured wood. Perhaps a darker stain is in order?

Anyway, back to the pizza. Before I started, I drew a pizza slice on a sheet of A4 paper which I kept under my loom as I wove. I didn't follow it exactly, but it was good to have a guideline regarding where I should be putting toppings and how much to angle in the actual pizza slice.

All of the yarn that I used for the actual pizza is random acrylics that my Nanna Tess left to me, and I think the white yarn is Shiver, which is a chunky acrylic. I find that the fluffy yarns are best for filling in large spaces because they don't leave as many little gaps between the rows.

 Shiver is also fantastic for making tassels - look at those fluffy babies! 

I didn't make a tutorial for this project as I was really just making it up as I went along, but here are some tips if you want to make your own. 1. Start from the crust and work down; I found it easier to judge how much to angle in my pizza when I was working from the top. 2. Weave a couple of rows of toppings, then fill in the rest of the pizza slice. Repeat, repeat, repeat. 3. Add in the background last and draw your yarn under the weaving you've already done if you don't want a border of empty space around your pizza.

I'm really happy with how my pizza weaving came out and I'm kinda tossing up on deciding if I want a larger loom now; although I do love my little loom, I feel like maybe it's time to expand. What do you think? Have you tried weaving before? Should I weave a donut next? ~___^

- Lisa xx


Kat said...

This is great! I've been wanting to try my hand at weaving - it seems like it might be kind of relaxing. Also, I've always wanted brick walls, so I'm jealous (though I can see how they would be hard to photograph).

Lisa said...

Thanks Kat! Weaving *is* relaxing, in kinda the same way as knitting and crochet, and it's cool to be able to see your design take shape row by row ^____^

The brick walls themselves are not so bad, but our house was built by someone who was apparently ignorant of how the sun works, so it's very dark pretty much all of the time. Dark bricks + badly placed windows = tricky photographs >___< I must admit that I love the look of industrial style lofts with exposed bricks though!