Sunday, 16 October 2016

Kitschy celebrity devotional candles

Hello! Goodness me, it's been a long time since I've done a blog post! I tell you what, I kinda thought postgrad studies would be a little harder than undergrad but they are *so much harder*! My butt is getting kicked regularly by this grad dip. So I haven't been doing much crafting, except for trying to churn out a granny square every now and then for the never ending blanket WIP, but my beautiful friend Clare recently had her engagement party and I simply couldn't resist making something for her. Clare's party was kitschy themed and included a long list of things to inspire costumes. Since I couldn't make it to the party, I decided to make some kitschy candles inspired by some of the celebrities on her list and by her love of religious iconography.

I found these great jars at the craft store, along with a couple of packs of rhinestones and some mini fairy wands. I had soy wax and wicks in my craft stash so it was easy enough to whip up some candles to go in the jars. I coloured the wax with some crayons that I ground up really small; the wax looked quite vibrant in the pot but when it cooled it turned out pastel, which I actually really like. The green wax is scented with vanilla, the pink is strawberry, and the purple is lavender.

For the images, I found photos of the celebrities I wanted online and printed them out onto regular paper. Then I covered them in a layer of mod podge and let them dry. Once dry, I cut them into oval shapes and used more mod podge to glue them to the jars. Each jar has two celebrities on it, so either way they are facing you can see an image! 

Then I used a hot glue gun to attach the rhinestones, the tops of the fairy wands, pom-poms, and wooden mustache shapes (the last two I had in my stash!).

They were a lot of fun to make, and it was interesting experimenting with a style a little out of my regular wheelhouse. And I still have rhinestones left! So I guess more bedazzling isn't off the cards for the future .... ~___^

- Lisa xx

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