Monday, 9 April 2012

Crochet peas and carrots, plus Spoonflower fabric napkins

Hi, how has your long weekend been? Mine is almost over, and I didn't do quite as much craft as I planned to. But, I slept and cleaned more than I planned to, so I guess it all evens out ^_^

I crossed another thing off my giant craft list - yay! I crocheted a pea pod and a carrot using the pattern in the fifth issue of Mollie Makes. The photo above was taken using one of pages of Mollie Makes as a background ... don't you just love that font and the tiny little flowers? ^_^

Esther the rabbit was happy to participate in a little photo shoot ~_^

I like how the pattern turned out some pretty life-sized vegetables! I have no idea what I'm going to do with them now though ...

I also *finally* finished making napkins from some of my designed fabric, printed by Spoonflower. I made twelve napkins, they have a plain white fabric backing and are finished with a rolled hem.  

I'm not really sure how to take exciting photos of napkins though, sorry!

What did you do this weekend? Any tips for how I could add interest to my photos? Or actually take good photos? ~_^

- Lisa x


Helena said...

You could take a photo of the napkins in use maybe, like part of a table setting? But I think they're gonna be hard to photograph any way you try!

Lisa said...

Oh, that's a reall good idea! I can't believe I didn't think of that >_<

~_^ Thanks for your comment!

Sara said...

I love the crocheted vegetables. You could start a vegetable garden with them and Esther is so cute. How difficult is crochet? Did you teach yourself? I have never picked up a crochet hook in my life but am determined to learn how to do it, as there are so many fabulous amigurumi patterns out there.

I love your napkins too. I would fold them and pop them into wine glasses for a display. This site might help!

Lisa said...

Wow, that website is pretty cool - I didn't know there were so many ways to fold napkins! ^_^

Crocheting amigurumi is about medium difficulty for me, but these vegetables were pretty easy ... that said, I *may* have changed the pattern because I like trebles better than doubles ~_^ My wonderful mum taught me the basics of crochet; she did the first round of a granny square and then let me go for it!

I think having someone to show you is super helpful, but other crafters I know swear by youtube videos. I learnt how to do granny squares first, which I think is good because they teach you chains, trebles, and slip stitches and once you know those, the rest come easy ^_^

Good luck for your crochet adventures! ^_^

BEESTLYproducts said...

Mollie Makes is my favorite! Don't be afraid to go in really close with your photos! the macro setting is magical :-)

Lisa said...

I *love* Mollie Makes; I recently splurged on a subscription! ^_^ And I'll take your advice and go macro on my next set of photos ^_^