Thursday, 19 April 2012

More of the photo challenge ^_^

Hi! How has your week been? I have been pretty busy, but I've still been taking the photos for the Month of Craft Photos Challenge. Yay! ^_^

This is Day 4: Inspiration. On Monday I finished reading another Phryne Fisher book, scored a free CD, and made a badge in my lunch break. It was a great day and made me really want to craft! But I will have to wait until my days off work ... ^_^ Miss Fisher has been inspiring me with all the wonderful descriptions of '30s Melbourne life and clothing. I don't think anything Phryne wears would suit my decidedly non-flapperish figure, but I'm enjoying it anyway! If you're in Australia, I can also highly recommend the ABC TV series based on the books. Music is always inspiring, and having a couple of minutes to whip together a badge design was super fun. I think sometimes over thinking is the worst thing to do when crafting ^_^

Day 5: Craft Envy. I cheated a little bit with this picture - I took it before the challenge started! Opps! I tried to re-take it, but the image disappeared into the ether so I stuck with this one instead. I'm envious of this card catalogue for two reasons; 1. I wish I could make furniture! I hope that one day I can have a garden shed to fill with wood and power tools, and then maybe I can learn to build things that aren't from IKEA ~_^ and 2. I really want a card catalogue! I think it would be perfect craft room storage ^_^

Day 6: My feet! I got these awesome mustard coloured socks and I love them ^_^ They have delicate little cables and are super comfortable. It's starting to get cooler here so hopefully I will get a lot of wear out of them ^_^

Day 7: Traditional. Is there anything more traditional than cross-stitch? (Probably, but go with me here) This pattern is not in anyway subversive, and I'm doing it properly with no knots and consistent stitching so even the back looks pretty swell. But, I did have to undo six rows because I made a mistake in row five >_< The lavender thread is very difficult to see when stitching as well, but that may be more due to my needing new glasses than anything else! Anyway, hopefully I should finish it this weekend ^_^

What have you been up to lately? Next up to photograph is my most challenging finished project. Gosh! I have no idea what I'm going to do. What do you think yours would be?

- Lisa x


Tanya said...

I've not heard of Phryne Fisher so I may have to do a bit of research.

Love the card catalogue and your socks! Looking forward to seeing that cross stitch finished, I'ev had a bit of a hankering for cross stitch of late.

Lisa said...

Phryne Fisher is a great series! Look up Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries if you want to check it out ^_^

BEESTLYproducts said...

we've been pricing card catalogs for ages! why are htey soooo expensive? ugh.

Lisa said...

I have no idea! But I wish they weren't ; _ ;