Friday, 8 March 2013

Hoop wall

Hey! Well, I survived my first week of uni and my new job - yay for me! ~_^ And, I finally have some photos of my hoop wall to show you! Cue much rejoicing!

Hmmm. It *does* look more impressive in real life ... but anyway, here are some close-ups ^_^

Some of these hoops haven't been seen on here before, because they were so easy and quick to make! (Now that I think about it, that's a silly reason to not post things! >_<)

The top hoop, with the green polka dot fabric, features six pink buttons that came with one of my Mollie Makes magazines - I just added some embroidered stems to make them into flowers.

The squid hoop is made with some of my Spoonflower fabric and the blue and white hoop is a bit of fabric from Spotlight.

This one is made from a vintage hoop, a bit of fabric, and some wooden scrabble tiles. I just glued them on! ^_^ I also made a pink "geek" one, which hangs over my side of the bed.

Another vintage hoop, with some twine, mini clothes pegs, and a card from Typo. See, I *do* use the things I buy from there! ~_^

Here's the geek hoop I mentioned before ^_^ The Eiffel Tower is another one of my Spoonflower designs and the close-up sewing machine hoop is from the same blue and white fabric from Spotlight.

This hoop was also made with some of my Spoonflower fabric, and some more wooden scrabble tiles. I really like how this one turned out!

You may have already seen this one if you follow me on Instagram - I used another vintage hoop (I was so impressed when I found a red one! ^_^) and a necklace pendant which I spray-painted silver (it was bronze before and I simply couldn't get it coordinated with any of my fabric!)

I shared this one on Instagram too - it's just a felt moustache which I stitched onto this fun background fabric ^_^

In this photo you can see how I've hung all these hoops; I spray-painted a bit of wood white, hammered in heaps of nails, and then screwed it to the top of the wall. The hoops are hung with white thread which is not very noticeable and allows me to easily change around the arrangement without having to add more holes to the wall. Scott and I rent so this is a good way to hang lots of things without driving the landlord spare ~_^

You can see a few more hoops that I haven't included close-ups of in this photo. The dapper cupcake at the top is another one of my Spoonflower designs (yes, another one! I've made a lot! ~_^), the blue and white spool hoop is made from the same fabric as the other two blue and white hoops, and the origami moose is made from IKEA fabric.

The other ones that I haven't mentioned in this post are ones that I've posted about before. If you've missed any of my previous embroidery projects, here's a list so you can check them out ^_^

But anyway ... what do you think? I am thinking it needs to be extended to cover the whole wall next ~_^

- Lisa x


Sara said...

Yay I love your hoop wall and thanks for sharing. A great idea to hang them on thread so you can change them around.

BEESTLYproducts said...

i love the one with the roller skates! CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Lisa said...

Thanks Robbie! I really like that one too - Typo have such cute cards and prints! ^_^

Lisa said...

Thanks Sara! ^_^

Michelle | said...

Omg these are all so so adorable! I really love your "crafty stuff" pattern! Very cute! <3

Lisa said...

Thanks Michelle! Crafty Stuff was my first pattern so I'll always have a soft spot for it! ~_^

luckys said...

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Thanks for stopping by and sharing the love. I appreciate that!