Sunday, 21 July 2013

Crochet owl hat

Hello! This week I finally finished a WIP - omg, right? My second cousin Killarney is going to be one in August and my mum was trying to decide what to get her. Mum was kinda set on an owl hat with little ears, but neither of us were sure how to do that until I found this cute fox hat in Target.

(Taking selfies in department stores is a thing that normal people do, right?) I felt a little dumb for not working this out - the hat is a rectangle and the corners become the ears. Easy-peesy!

And this is what I came up with ^_^ Killarney's head is 44cm in diameter, so I crocheted a rectangle 24cm wide and 28cm long. The width has two centimeters added for a seam allowance, and the height is what I thought looked good on my "baby head stand-in". (I've still got my fingers crossed that it fits!) Luckily, it turned out that one of the decorative glass domes that I have on my bookshelf is exactly the same size as a baby's head. 
Weird, but useful.

I used a baby yarn that is super soft (I detest ichy hats!) and also changes colour - oooo! ^_^ I like that it's pastel without being *too* pastel, you know? I used a 3mm hook, and just did trebles. I actually did make another version of this hat using single crochet, but it turned out way too stiff  - _ -

The eyes are just basic circles, made using another type of verigated baby yarn that I found in my stash (this one just changes between white, purple, and blue) and a pretty dove grey yarn. The beak is yet another type of baby yarn, again from my stash. My Nana Tess was really into making baby clothes, so I have heaps and heaps of baby yarn that I've inherited from her. I like to think she'd be happy it's finally getting used up! The beak is just a granny triangle, made with trebels (yet again!) ^_^

As is almost always the case when I finish a project for someone else, I'm still wondering if it needs anything more. I was thinking about adding tasels to the corners, or a scalloped edge on the base, or maybe some pupils and/or eyelashes ... but I also don't want to go overboard. Mum likes it how it is, but I do still have a month to ponder adding things to it ...

What do you think?

- Lisa x


Alexandria Brady said...

I love it, wish I could crochet!

bekswhoknits said...

that is really cute!

I take photos of knitted goods in stores as well. Particularly if I think I can make it.

And quite often I want to know how to make it more than I want the object.

Lisa said...

Thanks Alexandria! ^_^ Crocheting is super fun - I can totally recommend learning it! ^_^

Lisa said...

Thanks Bek! I'm really cheap so I have trouble buying things that I think I could make, especially since I'm often like "it's cute but, ummm, why is the nose made of sequins?" ~_^ But knowing that you know (or could know) how to make things is the coolest feeling, I think!

Tanya said...

omg love the target selfie, both for imagining you taking pictures of yourself in target and the hat! We should have a fox-hat KAL!

I totally know what you mean about being too pastel - the yarn you've used just colourful enough!

Ugh you've reminded me that I owe my niece an owl hat ... can I do it before the end of winter?!?!?!


Lisa said...

A fox-hat KAL would be lots of fun! I am still not a strong knitter, but I think even I could handle a rectangle! ~_^ Since you have an owl hat to work on this winter (I think you can totally do it!) maybe we could KAL in Spring? I am really, really into this idea! ^_^

Tanya said...

You're on! Let's pencil it in for september?
Should it be a specific pattern kal or a 'i'll make up my own pattern' kal?

Lisa said...

I've sent an email to your gmail account so you don't have to keep coming back here to comment! ^_^

Rebecca said...

Aw! It's too cute, your little cousin is going to look adorable in it!

Lisa said...

Thanks Bec! ^_^