Monday, 28 October 2013

Washi taped wooden skeletons

Hello! The stores have started having Halloween decorations in stock, which I think is totally exciting, but some of them are a bit creepy. And not the good kind of creepy! ~__^

I found this wooden skeleton which one is apparently meant to give to children to paint. Would you give that to a child? I mean, look at it ...


However, I like things made of wood, and I like skeletons, so I brought three. ^__^ If you have a skeleton, or any kind of wooden shape really, you can use this tutorial to make it a more stylish kind of creepy ~__^

 Firstly, give it a coating of white paint. This is just to cover up the outlines, so don't worry if it's not too neat. I used spray-paint, but you could use acrylic if you have that.

Then, grab an assortment of washi tape. The only limits to your colour combinations is how much washi tape you own! ~__^ Your aim here is to create a kind of collage look; rip off small pieces of washi tape and place them haphazardly. Overlap them, lay them in different directions, just make sure you cover all the wood. I also removed the original wire joining the skeleton together to make it easier to apply the washi tape.

Once all your pieces are washi-ed, use a scapel to carefully cut off the excess. This part is very similar to the Monogram Washi Tape Brooches I made a while ago ^__^ Then give everything a coat of mod-podge, replace the wire, and add some baker's twine so that you can hang it up! ^__^

Huzzah! I made three different colour combinations; a modern green and purple, an original Halloween look of orange and black, and a classic red and black ^__^

I think I used about 7 different washi tapes for the purple and green one, 14 different washi tapes for the orange and black, and 8 for the red and black. Golly gosh! I don't have an addiction, I swear! ~__^

Obviously you don't need to have as much washi tapes as I do, even using three or four tapes would probably be just fine! 

Nonetheless, they're a great addition to my Halloween decorating! ^__^ (Does anyone get the impression I like skulls? ~__^)

- Lisa xx


Flaming Nora said...

These are fab, my boys would love them. Will have to look out for some.

Rebecca said...

Your Skeleton look excellent! You know I'd never really considered the possibilities of Washi tape until seeing the things you've crafted with it, I tink you've converted me!

Lisa said...

Thanks Nora! ^__^

Lisa said...

Bwahahahaha, another crafter turned! ~__^ Thanks Bec! ^__^

Elana said...

Gah, this is SUCH a cute idea for a costume! I wear thick-rimmed glasses too (when I'm not wearing contacts) so I don't know why I didn't think of going as hipster something, especially since I'm incredibly lazy. I might just have to do this next year!

Lisa said...

Looks like your comment went a bit astray, and I can't put it on the right post! >__<

Nonetheless, I'm glad you like my costume!! I think Hipster (insert thing here) is going to be my go-to costume from now on, it's great for lazy people! ~__^