Sunday, 20 October 2013

Geometric silk skirt from a vintage dress

Ok, so, you know how sometimes you find something in an op-shop and it's just awe-inspiring in its magnificance? Well, that's how I felt when I found this dress.

That pattern! Omg, swoon! However, the over-sized floppy sleeves, the dropped elasticated waist, and the weirdly high and straight neckline made for a dress that was, ummm, decidedly ugly.

 But, hey, it was only $8, so I brought this 100% silk vintage "beauty" home. And promptly shocked all the vintage-lovers in the world when I took a pair of shiny, sharp scissors to her. Honestly, I still feel a little guilty about that. But with a thick bit of elastic and my trusty sewing machine, I've now got an enthusiastically geometric skirt perfect for a night out!

 That helps assuage the guilt somewhat ~__^ All I did to make this was measure from the original hem to the length I wanted my new skirt to be which, in my case, was about 57cm. I overlocked the top to prevent fraying, cut my elastic to size, and sewed it into a circle. I pinned the skirt to the elastic and then just sewed the two pieces together, stretching the elastic as I went. I broke a needle doing that (*wince*) but other than that, it worked out just fine! ^__^ Since I used the original hem, I just left that alone. Yay for shortcuts! ^__^

By the way, posts like this really remind me why I'm not a fashion blogger. I made poor Rebecca take about 30 photos of me in varyingly silly poses to make this post. And in basically every second photo I was either blinking, moving too much, making a stupid face, or doing ol' crazy eyes. Sometimes all at once! ~__^ Tres awkward.

 But anyway, what do you think? I hope you like it! ^__^ I'll be back next week with some more Halloween inspired crafts. Yay! I just love this time of year, don't you? ^__^

- Lisa xx


Elana said...

Woah, what a great transformation! I never would have seen the potential in this, but it looks great as a skirt and you styled it SO well with that polka dot blazer! Also, I just discovered your blog and if it makes you feel better, I would've had no idea that you weren't a fashion blogger from just seeing this post if you hadn't said anything :)

Lisa said...

Thank you, Elana, that is so nice of you to say! ^__^ Your blog is so pretty too! I think you've got a new follower ^__^

Eccentric Owl said...

I have dresses I intend to do this to as well, but I'm just too lazy! I love the way it turned out! That pattern is amazing. And I think you would be a great fashion blogger! You have such a cute style and your posing looks just fine. ;)

Becca said...

This looks amazing! I'd say it's a big improvement upon the original version!

Ladyface Blog

Lisa said...

Thanks Kristina! I still have a MASSIVE pile of dresses and skirts to alter and mend, but it's good to get at least one done! ^__^

Lisa said...

Thanks Becca, I think so too! ^__^

Rebecca said...

Restyling anything vintage is always nerve wracking, but WOW this looks amazing, you definitely made the right choice!

Lisa said...

Thanks Bec! And thank you again so much for being my photographer! ^__^