Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bat necklace, spider ring, rat ring: jewellery made from Halloween toys

Hello! A while ago I shared with you how to make hair clips out of leftover Halloween plastic rats, but I still had some animals left over!

My favourites were probably these little bats; they're so cute! They had a suction cap on the back, but they didn't stick very well so I had no qualms about making them into necklaces ^___^

They were really easy to make into necklaces; all I did was poke a sharp needle through their wings and then attach chain using jump rings. So simple!

I think they add a really fun touch to an outfit ^___^ 

I also had about a bazillion plastic spiders (yep, that number is totally accurate) so I made one into a ring simply by glueing on a ring base.

I wore this ring to work which, in hindsight, wasn't a great idea. Cue a lot of people shrieking and jumping as they saw it and thought it was real. Ooops, sorry folks!

 Lastly, a rat that didn't make it onto a hair clip became another ring.

Less people scream when they see this one. Do what you will with that information! ~___^

I think a necklace out of spiders is next on my list ... ~___^

- Lisa xx


Nerd Burger said...

I am totally making one of those bat necklaces. It looks so rad on you.

Lisa said...

Thanks Nerd Burger! I'm kinda obsessed with making plastic animals into jewellery now! ^___^