Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Kitty Tea Cups

Hello! When I first moved out of home I brought, like I'm sure many people do, a big box of plain white plates, bowls, mugs, and tea cups. But, I never really used the mugs or tea cups because I had cuter options. Let's be real: things taste better when they're drunk out of awesome cups. This is a fact. ~____^ But, this seemed like a huge waste so I decided to get out my porcelain paint pens and cute-ify these babies up!

I saw this super cute French kitty by Brave Moonman and was totally inspired so I spent a while scribbling out some dressed up cats ^____^ I started out by painting the cats entirely in black (my pen is getting a bit worn out now!) but then decided they needed a little something something so used my other pens to add some pops of colour ^___^ Anyway, let's meet the kitties!

Library Cat is wearing an outfit that is inspired by an actual outfit I have worn to work. Polka-dot blouse with pussy bow (appropriate, no?), pearls, glasses ... what could be more libraryesque? ~___^

Piano Cat is looking swish in her Peter Pan collar and stripes, plus a cute little daisy tucked behind her ear.

And Sewing Kitty has a pair of scissors tucked into her belt, a pin-cushion attached to her tail, and a couple of rolls of fabric with which I'm sure she'll be creating something special!


Scott's favourite cats were the Baking Kitty (suggested by the lovely Sam on Instagram) and the Lumberjack Cat so I painted them onto the larger mugs (he's not really a tea cup kinda lad).

Lumberjack Cat makes me giggle every time I look at him; that beard! 

And Baking Kitty is pretty cute too - somehow that expression just looks so satisfied at the mess he's made! ^____^

I've painted a couple more cats, but they're gifts so they're secret for the moment ^___^ I think I need to get some more mugs though - Space Cat *needs* to be painted!

- Lisa xx 

P.S. Find more kitty mugs here!


Lavender and Twill said...

Uh, these are so cute I think I just about keeled over! I seriously thought you had thrifted them or something, and I am amazed at the quality of the art... Super fantastic fabulous job!

And if you ever think of selling them, I'd love one. : ) My favorite was the sewing kitty. (> w <)❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

Amy said...

Eeep, these are so cute! I can't handle the adorableness ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Pops de Milk said...

Heehee!! Love them all and I totally giggled at lumberjack cat. So creative :)

Lisa said...

Thank you Bonita! You are just so sweet!

Thanks Amy! There's just something about fluffy kitties in clothes that is just so adorable, isn't there? ^___^

And thank you Pops! Lumberjack cat makes me giggle too ^____^

Kate said...

LOVE these so much! I really like lumberjack kitty - but I have always loved going to the lumberjack shows at every fall fair. Those guys have some serious skills with an axe!

Lisa said...

Oh, me too Kate! I don't think they are actually called lumberjacks here, but the folks at the ag shows sure do know their way around an axe! I'm happy to just watch from a distance though ~___^