Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Han and Leia watercolour quote art

Hello! Can you believe that International Star Wars Day is less than a week away?! As regular readers probably know, May the 4th is also Scott and Pip's birthdays. It's super appropriate since they're both huge Star Wars fans, so this day is a big one for all of us! And, as per usual, I've created some Star Wars crafts to help us (and you!) celebrate ^____^ This project came into being after I rediscovered a huge tub of liquid latex in my craft room. I have no idea why I originally brought this, but recently I learnt that it can be used as a masking fluid which inspired me to make these watercolour Leia and Han quote prints. Yay! ^___^

To make your own, you'll need:
- cardstock or watercolour paper
- sponge brushes
- watercolour or acylic paints
- masking fluid (I used liquid latex)
- an old paintbrush
- a lead pencil
- a black marker 
- a lightbox or window
- stencils (made with a printer and paper)

First, make your stencils by typing your quote in a pretty font and printing it out; I used "The Only Exception" by Kimberly Geswein. Then trace over your quote with a lead pencil using a lightbox or a window. If you don't want to do the black outline on the words to finish off this project, then skip the pencil outline and instead just trace the words with the masking fluid.

I already had my heart set on this project when I realised that I don't actually have any watercolours! I'm honestly shocked and apalled by this. But, there is a solution! Place a few drops of acrylic paint into small containers and then dilute it with water. Voila; faux watercolours!

I used Hot Pink, Lime, and Spearmint from the Kaisercolour acylic paint line.

Use an old paintbrush that you don't mind ruining (or one that you've already ruined with mod podge, if you're anything like me ...) to apply the liquid latex over the quotes. Try to make it relatively thick, so it's easier to remove later, but not too globby. Let it dry, so that it's only slightly tacky when you start painting over it. And make sure you do this outside! Liquid latex smells horrible.

Then, have fun with your paints! Make sure you cover all of the words, and make some interesting shapes and random splotches to make it pretty ^____^

When your paint is completely dry, peel off the masking fluid and outline the quotes with a black marker.

And now you can admire your beautiful creations! I am actually so pleased with how these turned out; I want them hanging in my home all year round and I definitely want to make more!

If you're looking for more things to craft for International Star Wars Day, check out my list below! ^___^

I've got another Star Wars projects up my sleeve, and I shall show you that later this week (two posts in one week? It really is a celebration! ~____^).

- Lisa xx


Teena said...

SO CUTE!! I love all your crafts. The coolest craft I've done for Star Wars Day was making my garden gnome an R2D2 costume. Lol

Amy said...

What a lovely project! I'll have to try and fit some Star Wars crafts into my schedule, too ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Kate said...

This is SUCH an awesome project! I managed to land an old star wars bed sheet at the hospital thrift shop last summer and still haven't got around to making anything with it yet... but soon! And i hope it turns out as cool as your projects do!

Lisa said...

Thanks Teena!! A R2-D2 gnome sounds like THE COOLEST CRAFT ever! I kinda want a garden gnome for myself now, so that I can make it outfits for holidays ~___^

Thanks Amy! Any occasion is good for a nerd craft, but ISWD is an excellent excuse to get your craft on ^____^

Oh, Kate - I'm a bit jealous! I have found a Star Wars pillowcase while thrifting, but I haven't managed to find sheets yet! I can't wait to see what you do with it! ^____^