Saturday, 28 January 2017

Softies for Mirabel

In 2016, my crafting group and I decided to dedicate a couple of sessions to making Ninni monsters to donate to the Softies for Mirabel handmade toy drive. To make our crafting more streamlined and efficient, we made Ninni/ RevoluzZzionary Monsters - it's an easy free pattern and is also super cute!

I printed out the pattern for the monsters onto both A4 and A3 pieces of paper so we have some big monsters and some little ones. The Ninni monsters have tiny little ears and arms which can be a bit tricky to stuff so having them printed a bit larger made that step easier.

A few members in the craft group were looking to reduce their fabric stash, so we ended up with an eclectic mix of fabrics! The good thing is because this pattern is so simple to make it works with basically all fabric types; we used up cotton, denim, and knits. I think a satin Ninni monster would also be pretty awesome! ~___^

The eyes, hearts, and little teeth are all felt and, along with the mouths, were sewn on with a combination of machine and hand stitching. 

We made the monsters in a kind of construction line process; we had some people cutting out bodies, some cutting out the facial features, a couple of people sewing the seams on machines, some people stuffing, some people hand stitching up the turning/stuffing holes ... Both days were a lot of fun and I think we did pretty well with how many monsters we were able to create.

In total we ended up with 29 Ninni monsters! (One of which is not in the photo below because I wanted my rows to be even ~___^) Each Ninni monster is slightly different and so has a little spark of personality shining through. We hope the children they go to love them!

If you'd like to make a toy to donate to Softies for Mirabel, you've still got time! If you are able to, it's a wonderful cause ^___^

- Lisa xx

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