Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Tassel silky scarf

Do you ever pick up a piece of fabric and it kinda just screams who it wants to belong to? This is what happened with a massive piece of silky fabric I found in my stash! I completely forgot I had it (I *really* need to tidy my craft room more often) but I found it when I was looking for inspiration for a birthday present project for my mum. And, yup, it really, really wanted to belong to her! ~___^

Mum's Pinterest style board is full of outfits accessorised with scarves, so I figured that was the way to go!

Since the fabric is very light and drapey, I made a rather thick scarf; it's 15cm wide and about 160cm long. I thought a plain rectangle scarf would be a bit boring so I cut the ends at a diagonal and added lots of colourful tassels!

I cut two identical pieces of fabric and sewed them right sides together, leaving a gap for turning. Then I turned the scarf right way out, sewed on the tassels, and top stitched around the edges. This had the advantage of closing the turning hole and giving the scarf a little more structure. I top stitched in yellow which works with the colour scheme and is a little more interesting than white.

I made the tassels with embroidery thread that matched the colours in the fabric. They are very easy to make, albeit time consuming! I got through quite a few episodes of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries while make this project ~___^

I did end up making too many tassels however, and I have a lot of this fabric leftover still ... perhaps a matching jacket is called for?

- Lisa xx

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