Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tea cup candles

Hello! Today was a crafternoon day - huzzah! Rebecca, Colleen, and I made these *awesome* teacup candles ^_^

We used soy wax and melted 1500 grams of it! Whoa! Our wicks we brought from Spotlight, but they didn't fit into the extenders we brought, so we just tied a knot in them and stuck them to the bottom of the cups with a bit of extra wax. We held the wicks in place using some wooden pegs, so they didn't move while pouring in the wax and/or while drying. They dried pretty quite though! In an hour and a half they were solid (we were a tad concerned how we were going to get them home right after we made them!).

We also made quite a bit of a mess! Oh, well, that's half the fun, right? ^_^ One good thing that we did was put out baking paper, which made a lot of our little spills very easy to clean up. We need a better pouring device though! We used a saucepan and a funnel, but the wax dripped down the edge of the saucepan quite a lot. Also a tip - do this on the sink. Boiling water cleans up spills wonderfully, and it's easier to do that on the sink than on your benches ^_^

Bec and Colleen made two each, and I made one in a teacup and two in lightbulbs which aren't finished yet because I spilt them (oops!) and so need to melt some extra wax to top them up. We have plenty of extra wax though, so I suspect I will have to make quite a few candles before it is all used up! Do you have suggestions for what one could make candles out of?

And in case anyone is worried, Colleen's cups and mine had cracks and chips in them, and Rebecca's were cheap Made in China ones from the op-shop. We didn't ruin any really nice vintage ones, promise! ^_^
I hope you had a great day today!

- Lisa



Tanya said...

love the idea of the candle in the lightbulb! Pictures!! have you seen the little vases they can do in light bulbs?

Lisa said...

Pictures as soon as they're finished - promise ^_^ I don't think I've seen light bulb vases, but I have seen light bulb terrariums which were super cute ^_^

Anonymous said...

They look adorable! Would love to see the light bulb ones too. Great work! :)

Katie x

Lisa said...

Thanks Katie! ^_^